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Corona Update Nepal

Covid-19 Status in Nepal

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About Nepal

The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is a landlocked nation situated in South Asia, home to the most noteworthy mountain extend on the planet, the Himalaya, remembering the tallest mountain for the world, Mt. Everest, too tropical swamp fields in the south.
Nepal is home to more than 26 million individuals, the greater part of whom call the tumultuous, dusty capital, Kathmandu, home (read our Kathmandu manage here).
Nepal imparts outskirts to China/Tibet toward the north, and India toward the south, east and west.
Nepali is the communicated in language of Nepal, albeit English is generally spoken in all significant vacationer hotspots.

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Top SightSeeings


Mt.Cho Oyu
May 24

Mt.Cho Oyu is the 6th highest mountain in the world which is 8201 m high above the sea level. The name of the mountain has a meaning and it is the Turquoise Goddess which owes its colour in the setting Sun as it valiants on the border of Nepal and…

May 27

Tansen is the beautiful hill station located on the crest of the Mahabharat range overlooking the valley of Kaligandaki River to the north. The ancient hill town of Tansen offers a more tranquil atmosphere where the time moves slowly. The cobbled streets of the Tansen offers the lifestyle of people…

Taleju Bhawani
May 26

The Taleju Bhawani Sanctuary in focal Kathmandu stands apart among the multitude of sanctuaries and landmarks around the Durbar Square. As I sit close by the sanctuary, a lady approaches the entryway of the Taleju Bhawani . She bows looking for gift from the goddess. There is a sure fulfillment…

June 8

A locale of verdant fields, dazzling mountain sees, shining dawns and nightfalls, and benevolent Limbu individuals, Tehrathum offers an amazing rest from the commotion and worry of city life. The various scene from terraced slopes to the huge fields of the tarai fields are canvassed in rich green vegetation, a…


Cafe De Gurkha Grill
Cafe De Gurkha Grill
Hotel   August 9

Boudha has consistently been a famous goal for travelers and…

Sapana Village Lodge
Hotel   August 9

Sapana Village Lodge  is a unique hotel located at the…

Ember’s Restaurant
Hotel   August 8

Ember's Restaurant is a space not at all like some…

Shafqat Halal Food
Hotel   August 7

Shafqat Halal Food Restaurant as the name proposes is an…

Cloud Zero
Hotel   August 7

At the point when Cloud Zero was relegating grill barbecues,…

Artelier Homes
Hotel   August 6

Artelier Homes is the 3 star hotel set in the…



5 Shopping Destination

Shopping is my option in contrast to Red Bull. Regardless of where I travel, I make it a highlight purchase…

House of Pashmina

Everything began in 1999 AD, House of Pashmina began its activity with a crucial conveying excellent true pashmina items to…

Thangka painting

A thangka, otherwise called a paubhas, is a complex and nitty gritty artistic creation delineating various divine beings and gods.…

Miniso in Nepal

'Fundamental' and 'Normal' are two words that depict MINISO the best. At MINISO nature is its greatest motivation. Truth be…


Gourment   August 7

Kwati is a vegetable soup made from collections of beans.…

Millet Chyang
Gourment   August 6

Millet Chyang, likewise well know as Chhaang on the web…

Kinema: Food of Kirati
Gourment   August 6

The smell of kinema is solid—so solid that neighbors notice…

Gourment   August 6

Aila is the most strong of any mix drink find…

Gourment   August 6

Raksi today is a conventional name for every single mix…

Gourment   August 6

The term Chyang naturally implies it's produce using rice. Albeit…

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