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Shafqat Halal Food

Anisha Rauniyar August 7, 2020

Shafqat Halal Food Restaurant as the name proposes is an unadulterate halal coffee shop situate on the mid-Chakasibari street, Thamel. They present to you a blend of Indian, Tibetan and Turkish indulgences to look over. The entryway opens to Nepal-Turkey banners set as a bit of stylistic theme. An image of the mix of the two foods accessible at the diner. A portion of the dividers are celebrate with the expressions of the bless. Islamic sacre writing ‘Quran’ either as divider craftsmanship or put inside photograph outlines. The diminish yellow lighting gives within sitting zone a sentimental vibe to it. While the amazing wood carvings of gallery sitting zone gives the spot to a greater degree a glorious vibe.

shafqat halal food

Turkish Keema Naan

The most well known single out Turkish feast was the Turkish Keema Naan. This was a not really run of the mill naan with ground meat, onion, tomatoes and different flavors blend into it. Serve alongside vegetable curry ‘Zal Frazi’. The curry comprised of blended occasional vegetable, cooked in a thick tomato sauce. The common pleasantness of the vegetables was pleasantly adjust by the hotness of the Indian flavors. Which play perfectly with the taste buds.

The following dish on our table was the ‘Chicken Tandoori’. Plated on a consuming hot sizzler plate, the flaring red bits of chicken made our mouth water. The yogurt and zest marinade infiltrated the chicken well to give it a delicate tart taste. The spicing was simply impeccable leaving us with a tart persistent flavor. After the flavorful chicken baked it was the ideal opportunity for the Kakori Kebab. Truly, it wasn’t the best kebab I have tasted up until this point. It was fairly somewhat flat and dry however the mint chutney that went with the dish was extraordinary.

After an assortment of delightful canapés, came the most foreseen ‘Chicken Biryani’, one of the mark dish of the eatery. The saffron season rice blend in with delicious bits of chicken was finish off with firm sing cuts of onions. Which improve the flavor of the dish adding a characteristic pleasantness to it. We entertained ourselves with the appetizing joy and delighted in each spoon of Biryani. The new yogurt raita mixed with new onions and pieces of cucumber was a reviving extra to the dish.

All things considered Shafqat Halal Food Restaurant is a lovely spot to feast in. People will most likely be appreciated by you and your whole family.


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