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Gurkha Memorial Museum

Anisha Rauniyar May 24, 2020

Gurkha Memorial Museum consist of the memeonto of brave gurkhas. As you enter, you hear the sound of Nepali music and the principal area . It will show you the foundation of the Gurkha troopers. Who live for the most part in the slopes and have an unforgiving existence. That makes them probably the best fighter on the planet.

At that point you hear the sound of ponies running, troops walking, big guns beating . As you stroll through 1815 history shows, 1857 Indian Rebellion, First Universal War. There are showcases of outfits, decorations, khukri (Gurkha blade), photos and military things.

Gurkha Memorial Museum

As you come into a bigger opening, you hear the tanks thundering in the Subsequent Universal War area. Here you likewise observe references of 10 Gurkhas who won the Victoria Cross, the most elevated award for boldness.

At that point you go through the Malayan Emergenecy, Borneo Encounter, the Falklands War, Hostile to Illicit Tasks in Hong Kong, Inlet War and current UN activities areas. You additionally observe the passionate withdrawal from Hong Kong where Gurkhas were based for more than 47 years.

The last segmentin Gurkha Memorial Museum comprises of a showcase of the Nepalese Armed force. Who heldped the English Armed force at Lucknow during the Indian Uprising. At that point the Nepalese Armed force kept an eye on the military camps in India during WW2. While the Gurkha officers went abroad to the forefronts.

First Floor

As you enter, you hear regimental walk of the popular Gurkha infantry regiments. Here the showcases focus on the traditions and conventions of every infantry regiment. They are bolster by several photos of regimental life in the sleeping shelter which incorporate games and family life.

Second Floor

This floor is devote to the pros, for example, the designers, signals and transport regiments. There are likewise others, for example, the Band of the Unit of Gurkhas, Gurkha Unforeseen of the Singapore Police Power. Also Gurkha Autonomous Parachute Organization, Gurkha Military Police and Gurkha Pooch Organization.

A devoted Indian Armed force exhibition has likewise been included where there are showcases of outfits, decorations, banners and numerous photos. Those Gorkha Regiments which were a piece of the English Arm force before WW2 yet now part of the Indian Armed force.


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