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Anisha Rauniyar June 12, 2020

Dudhkunda Trekking is one of the as of late found remarkable trek courses of Nepal. Arranged on Mt. Numbur’s lap, Solukhumbu locale, the trekking course goes through a few conventional towns, exceptionally unmistakable. Dudh Kunda Trekking with Nepal Eco Adventure will offer to you amazing perspectives on the eastern Himalayan Range, and the mind blowing Everest.

Dudhkunda Trekking of Solukhumbu locale, despite the fact that is arranged in lower elevation in contrast with Khumbu Mountain Range, is gutsy for talented trekkers and amateurs the same. The wonderful pool of Dudh Kunda is essential to the Buddhist and Hindu pioneers, as it is accepted that in the event that you take a dunk in this heavenly lake, the entirety of your wrongdoings will be washed away and your desires will be conceded also! Not just the trek will offer you unbelievable perspectives on the world’s tallest mountains, you will likewise be similarly enraptured by the enchanted blushed rhododendron woods. Furthermore, in case you’re fortunate enough,you will be visited by the extraordinary Mountain panther, Thars, Pheasants among others.

Dudhkunda Trekking is less known and unexplored than other trekking courses of this region. A Fewer number of voyagers visit it consistently. Be that as it may, it doesn’t mean it is less bold and satisfying. Be that as it may, it is getting the acknowledgment it merits, as of late. Dudhkunda Trekking course will take you through the traditional trekking courses to Everest base Camp, going through the stream valleys, thin edges, and robust slopes to the mountains so very close, it will without a doubt be a memorable trek.

We, at Nepal Eco Adventure offer you a total 9 days bundle, ensuring all your essential courtesies will be satisfied and that you make some extraordinary memories in this lovely Himalayan nation. In this way, come visit us and we should go to encounter once in a blue moon trek to the place where there is amazing mounts.

Day 1

Appearance in Kathmandu.

When you land at Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA), our air terminal delegates will generously get you and take you to your lodging, in a private vehicle or a very good quality traveler transport. Our delegates will brief you about the trek. In the wake of checking in, you can either investigate this energetic and energizing city all alone, or, take a comfortable rest at your inn.

Day 2

Touring voyage through kathmandu.

Your touring of this antiquated city starts at around 8:30 am, after breakfast. A specific visit manage and a comfortable private vehicle will be accessible for your help. First we will visit the greatest Hindu sanctuary of Nepal, PashupatiNath, which originates before to Lichhavi period. At that point, to BoudhaNath, and SwayambhuNath, holy places of master Buddha, extraordinarily implicit Stupa style design. The night will be spent at Kathmandu Durbar Square, tribute of middle age design.


Day 3

Fly to Phaplu (2650m) and trek to Ringmo (2750m)

We will get onto a trip to Phalphu toward the beginning of the day. You will have the option to see picturesque towns, slopes and mountains all through the flight. On coming to Phalphu, after a concise rest, we will climb through the rhododendron woods and wonderful green glades to reachRingmo. We will get ready supper and go through the night in the rose camp.

Day 4

Trek from Ringmo to Sarsar Beni.

We will make a beeline for Sarsar Beni in the first part of the day. Subsequent to trekking for the duration of the day, we will set a camp in legitimate place and go through the night there. Following day, we will proceed with our path to Sarsar Beni which lies at the height of 3800m. We will again set a tent and spend the night there.

Day 5

Sarsar Beni to Dudh Kunda (4560m) and back to Sarsar Beni.

On the fifth day, we will trek to come to the otherworldly Dudhkunda. You can see the sublime Mt. Numbur (6,959m) and Mt. Karyalung (6,681m) and different mountains. We will at that point come back to Sarsar Beni and go through the night in a tent.

Day 6

Sarsar Beni to Junbesi.

We will move to the Pare Danda from Sarsar. Formhere we can appreciate the extraordinary perspective on the mountain very close. The exceptional perspective on the mountains from here will be extraordinarily satisfying for everybody. We will proceed with our trek until we reach Junbesi where we will go through the night.

Day 7

Junbesi to Phaplu.

From Junbesi, we will stroll towards the Beni from Junbesi promptly in the first part of the day. After that we will climb right to the Phaplu air terminal. During the night,we will remain in a rose camp. Next morning we will get the trip back to the capital.

Day 8

Fly from Phalphu to Kathmandu

We will get the trip to Kathmandu from Phalphu. By and by, you can savor the beautiful perspectives from the plane. Getting a charge out of the extraordinary sight of the spot. Subsequent to flying for barely any hours we will land in Kathmandu and you will be moved to your inn.

Day 9

Last flight to home.

The day has come to leave this exceptional nation. Our agents will move you to the air terminal from where you’ll load onto a trip to your next goal. Say goodbye to this nation of Himalayas with plans to visit next time. Since, once is rarely enough!


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