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Martyrs’ Day

Anisha Rauniyar August 8, 2020

In Nepal, Martyrs Day is a day intende to respect all who battled and passed on to make Nepal a superior spot all through its long, long history. Be that as it may, all the more explicitly, it respects the four authority saints who were shoot to death in 1941 when they contradict the overbearing Rana system.

The names of the four saints were: Dharma Bhakta Mathema, Gangalal Shrestha, Dashrath Chand, and Shukraraj Shastri.

martyrs day
Martyrs Gate

The date of Martyrs’ Day, or “Shaheed Diwas”, fluctuates on the Gregorian Calendar, however it goes ahead 16 Magh on the Nepali Calendar. Furthermore, it is the summit of Martyrs’ Week, which starts on 10 Magh.

Numerous boulevards, arenas, and associations in Nepal are name after the four renown saints. What’s more, on Martyrs’ Day, high-up government authorities will visit the Martyrs’ Gate landmark in Kathmandu, which they should likewise visit following making their vow of office.

Festivity of Martyrs’ Day in Nepal has get more well know as of late, in the result of the 10-year battle against Maoists rebels in which 13,000 Nepalis lost their lives.

  • Event Date: 30/01/2020


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