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House of Pashmina

Anisha Rauniyar August 5, 2020

Everything began in 1999 AD, House of Pashmina began its activity with a crucial conveying excellent true pashmina items to their clients. Pashmina items are make out of fleece of local Himalayan goat CAPRA HIRCUS (Chyangra in neighborhood vernacular). These goats are find in the high heights (over 3,000 mt from ocean level) in the Himalayan area. Because of an unfortunate market rivalry, House of Pashmina ended its activity for just about 12 years. In the year 2015 AD, House of Pashmina re-began its activity with a similar crucial conveying great bona fide pashmina items to clients.

The results of House of pashmina has logo of Chyangra Pashmina (trademark logo). Chyangra Pashmina logo was endorse in 2011 and starting at now 47 nations (Malaysia, China, Brazil, Russia, Canada, USA, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, Australia and EU). They have affirmed this exchange mark. The items accessible are Stoles, Scarves, Shawls, Blankets, Sweaters, Poncho, Hat, Cap and Gloves and so forth. For the year ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ House of Pashmina is giving 10 % rebate on each item. Chyangra Pashmina is consider as the most elevated evaluation of Cashmere yarn.

For Customer’s Convenience

With change in time House of Pashmina has digitize conveyance frameworks for client accommodation. However the creation is as yet manual which implies all the pashmina items are hand woven. For the nearby market, House of Pashmina utilizes online life stages to connect with the clients. Though there is a different site for Indian clients: www.houseofpashmina.com and www.houseofpashminaonline.com for other worldwide clients. You can request and pay through MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, Visa and other global installment frameworks. According to requests of clients House of Pashmina will convey the items around the world. For hand crafts, clients need to arrange in high amount and shading decision is likewise accessible.

Painstaking work and Accessories

Place of Pashmina not just gives pashmina items to the clients. It likewise has other bona fide Nepali Hand created items. For example, Hemp packs, Handmade natural cleansers and Women’s felted tote. Place of Pashmina firmly has faith in advancing genuine Nepali hand created items in the worldwide market.

The Mark of Authenticity

As Nepal is acclaim for its hand-woven warm pashmina items in the entire world, both neighborhood and worldwide travelers get it for keepsakes or endowments. The legitimacy of pashmina items is check by the aggregate exertion of Nepal Pashmina Industries Association (NPIA), Ministry of Commerce and exchange and fare advancement focus (TEPC). Place of Pashmina modestly demands purchasing Genuine Cashmere Products with the Chyangra Pashmina trademark logo which verifies the Genuineness of the Product. Chyangra Pashmina logo is a lab guarantee validating the virtue of Cashmere or Pashmina. The items may appear to be high in cost in contrast with counterfeit items find in the market, you can doubtlessly separate the nature of unique and phony items with a solitary touch. To keep up the immaculateness of their item and impeccable evaluating, House of Pashmina only works straightforwardly from their assembling center point and web-based interface in Nepal.

Place of Pashmina

New Baneshwor-10, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • 977-1-5244870


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