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Lalitpur Metropolitan City

Subash Shrestha March 3, 2020

Lalitpur Metropolitan City

Lalitpur Metropolitan City, is one of the district of Kathmandu valley. It is also one of the most rich historic and valuable place of Nepal. Lalitpur has its lalitpur durbar square. The famous Krishna mandir is also located here. Lalitpur is rich in arts and architecture. The meaning of Lalitpur stands for the town of fine arts. The lalitpur is one of the must visit place for the tourist. The fine arts and the sculptures of the Lalitpur Drubar easily attracts the tourists. Newari people culture and tradition are dominant here.


Lalitpur was founded by King Veer Deva in 299 A. D. The Lalitpur’s Patan is the most ooldest among other cities of the Kathmandu Valley. Kirat rulers founded the Patan before Lichhavi regin began. One of the most commonly used Newar name of Patan area is Yala. It is believed that Kirat king Yalambar named it after his name.

Lalitpur Metropolitan City

Here are the top tourist attractions in Lalitpur Metropolitan City:

  1. Durbar Square Patan
  2. Patan Museum
  3. Sundari Chowk
  4. Rato Machhendrenath Temple
  5. Uku Bahal
  6. Godawari and so on

How to get there

It is not hard to get to the Lalitpur. It is just 5km away from the kathamandu old bus park. Bus leaves for lalitpur from the old bus park.

  • Highest Elevation: 1390m
  • Lowest Elevation: 1336m
  • Population: 284922


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