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Taste of Terai

Anisha Rauniyar May 8, 2020

The Taste of Terai is complex and distinct from what people in other areas of the world are use to. Diwali in Terai isn’t all about lights and rangoli, it’s about fruit, too. And if the stove is not lite for an evening of festivities, families spend the entire day cooking the delicacies they will eat later in the week. Not only is it a time for communities to meet, but also a moment where everybody is attempting to play and know how to cook. Here are some recipes that Diwali can try to capture some of the many flavors of southern Nepal.


Makhana Kheer

Fox nuts are water lily seeds , abundantly in this area. Makhana Kheer is a favorite during Diwali and a really good change from the rice kheer.

It can be cook in a matter of 20 minutes and has a sultry and decadent feel.



It are deep-fry dumplings made out of all-purpose flour stuffed with sweet fillings. They also go by the name of Gujiyas. They are mostly fill with semolina flour and dry fruits. Fillings can be of chocolate , khuwa and jaffery.

Kadhi badi

Kadhi Badi

It is a mix of thick gravy that is serve with pakodas made of chickpea flour. It’s dense, a little sour and is mostly serve with rice. Kadhi badi is widely in the houses of terai. Specially on the  occasions, Diwali being one of them

Besan ko tarkari 

Besan Tarkari

It is a good vegetarian substitute for fish curry on Diwali. Like Kadhi badi, it is also prepare on special occasions, however, it is also cooked when a household is running out of greens in the kitchen


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