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Places for Noodle Soup

Anisha Rauniyar July 13, 2020

In the event that there is one final dish that I wish to eat, it will most likely be noodle soup. The substance of the great noodle soup is in the stock and the zest sauces to go with. The day might be hot or nippy, slurping a noodle soup is continually fulfilling. Noodle has gotten a sort of simple go-to food in urban networks of Nepal. Chinese-inferred chowmein (which means singed noodle) sautéed with soy sauce, and Thukpa are increasingly normal. Sherpa’s Shyakpa–a hand-pulled wheat flour noodle soup generally with dried meat and vegetables, Thakali’s Aalangkhu–handcrafted buckwheat noodle soup with smoke-dried meat and vegetables, Eastern’s egg noodle soup served in peas and potato curry, Tibetan Thenthuk like Shyakpa to later Chinese Sichuan style noodles with minced meat, different types of noodle soup are devoured in Nepal.

noodle soup

Noyoz, Baluwataar

One of the underestimated cafés around however my top pick, it serves Rai and Limbu nourishments among others and mainstream for its pork dishes. Thukpa accompanies great stock and pieces of meat of nearby local dark pig (kalo sungur). Additionally, to attempt their keema noodle – smidgen greasy however tasty to eat.

Himalayan Sherpa Food House, Boudha

It is the shrouded jewel of Boudha-serving customary Sherpa dishes. Shyakpa (or Thenthuk in Tibetan language) produced using hand-pulled noodles and Thukpa are basic however flavorful to eat. Sprinkle some sichuan pepper and bean stew sauce to include more flavor.

Khawa Karpo Tasty Noodle Factory, Boudha

More than chowmein or Thukpa, the noodles they serve is progressively similar to Sichuan dan-dan mian presented with minced meat and seasoned with soy sauce, bean stew sauce, sesame oil, garlic, msg, and sichuan pepper. It is the most famous diner for noodle in Kathmandu and their noodles are in-house made.

Little Tibet, Thamel

As of late opened, situated in occupied boulevards of Thamel, Little Tibet has Nepali, Bhutani and Tibetan menu. Attempt their gyathuk (or Thukpa) with clear delightful stock yet meat pieces were bit chewy.


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