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Anisha Rauniyar August 2, 2020

Nepalgunj is a sub-metropolitan city in Banke locale and is about 520km from the capital, Kathmandu. It is the focal point of Mid Western Nepal. Nepalgunj is additionally home for one of Nepal’s biggest Muslim people group. It is the modern and transportation center point of the nation. Nepalgunj is associate with the bordertown of Uttar Pradesh in India. The geography is as level as a container, as the southern piece of Nepal is the northern expansion of the incomparable Gangetic Plain, call “Avadh” or in Nepali Terai.

bageshwari nepalgunj

Nepalgunj is 16km south of the Mahendra Highway and 6km north of the Indian outskirt. Because of the close to nearness to India, supplies are very modest, particularly vegetables. Numerous Nepalis cross the fringe and go out to shop in Rupaidiha, a little market town just past the outskirt. Nepalgunj is broadly know as the door for a portion of the energizing journeys to the Dolpa, Jumla and Mugu i.e Rara Lake. There are ordinary trips to and from these spots to Nepalgunj. In spite of the fact that, being a little city, there is a great deal to investigate and see around the spot, taste the neighborhood cooking styles and talk with the unassuming individuals of Nepalgunj.

National Parks

In the outskirts of the city, there are two national parks i.e Bardia National Park and Banke National Park. The national parks are home for the absolute most exotica and imperiled types of creatures like Gharila, Tiger, Four-Horned Antelope, Ruddy Mongoose, Rhinoceros, Wild Elephant, Gangetic Dolphins, and some more. These spots are additionally a paradise for feather creature watchers as around 400 types of wing animals can be found in the recreation center. With the sole brain of protection and preservation of regular living spaces and green condition, the recreation center is make. Guests can visit the recreation center and lose all sense of direction in the magnificence of wild and wild creatures.

Bardia National Park is about 75km from Nepalgunj and can take around 2 hours to reach there. In any case, Banke National Park is about 40km and can take 60 minutes. This is an ideal spot in the event that you are in a period crunch.

Bageshwori Temple

Bageshwori sanctuary is know as the most establish sanctuary in Banke District. It is in the focal point of Nepalgunj. It is devote to goddess Bageshwori, a Durga. The sanctuary zone additionally houses another renowned sanctuary the sanctuary of Lord Shiva with a mustache, which is one of the main two such sanctuaries in the nation.

Consistently it draws in an enormous number of enthusiasts from around the nation, just as from the closest fringe urban areas of India. Particularly during the celebration of Dashain, the greatest celebration in the nation, the sanctuary gets a tremendous horde of individuals wishing to petition the goddess and offer creature penances. Shiva Ratri, Teej, Magh Shukla Purnima on these celebrations Bageshwori sanctuary gots swarms. The sanctuary’s picture can be find in Nepalese one-rupees coins and postal stamps.

Journeying undertakings

Nepalgunj can be both the beginning or the closure purpose of many traveling endeavors. The air terminal at Nepalgunj flies to places like Dolpa, Mugu, Jumla. These spots are dream goals to travel on. The ever-evolving scene, the beautiful lakes, thick and thick backwoods and the natural life inside them, and the extremely old gompa and religious communities are the things which a pilgrim wants and appreciates.

Tasting the neighborhood and road food, visiting grasscutters path and Muslim Bazar, shopping in the city or in the outskirt region, understanding the nearby craftsmanship and culture, visiting the close by Karnali Bridge, Badhiya Lake, investigating the Tharu towns are a portion of different exercises, anybody can get into and appreciate.


Nepalgunj has a subtropical atmosphere, with high temperatures during April-June. The temperature can arrive at more than 40° C in some cases. Nepalgunj is know as the most sweltering city of Nepal. The most noteworthy temperature recorded was 45°C on 16 June 1995. In the long periods of July-September the stormy season, rainstorm shows up and it turns out to be damp and clingy. The winter is typically charming if the sun comes out. It can likewise get foggy and cloudy once in a while. At that point it can turn out to be very nippy with temperatures underneath 10°C, yet no freezing cold. The most reduced temperature at any point recorded was – 0.3°C on 9 January 2013.

Way of life

Nepalgunj has an assorted culture with individuals from various religions and ethnicities living respectively inside blended networks, with no huge clashes. Hinduism and Islam are the two significant religions in the city. Hindus involving a bigger level of the populace. The city additionally has supporters of different religions like Buddhism, Sikhism and Christianity. Muslims have developed in exceptional numbers in the area.

Nepali is speak by the Paharis just as different ethnicities as a national language and authority language. The indigenous individuals communicate in their native language, Awadhi, that is comprehended and speak by the whole populace of the area.

The food of the city is extraordinarily affect by the Indian culture and furthermore by the Muslim people group. The city has truly reasonable food and road food culture is additionally lively. Lamb Biryani, Sekuwa, Tharu Food like Ghonghi, Dhikri, Sidhara, Raabadi, Mittha Panipuri, Aalu Tikki Chaat, Haluwa Puri, Chana Puri, Lassi are a portion of the neighborhood and road food, one should attempt when visiting the city, Nepalgunj.


There are normal transports and trips to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. It is about 520km and can take around 11 hours to reach Nepalgunj by transport. In any case, if long transport ventures are not your thing, ordinary departures from Tribhuvan International Airport are accessible. It can take around 50 min to reach Ranjha Airport in Nepalgunj. The air terminal is find simply 6km north of the downtown area.

Getting around the city is additionally very simple. There are nearby transports to go far separations yet to circumvent the city, cart, cycles, motorbikes and smaller than expect transports are extraordinary alternatives.


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