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Corona Update Nepal


Subash Shrestha May 21, 2020

Dolpa region is one of the least explored places in the world. It’s located in the mid western part of Nepal. It’s in Karnali Province which is about 265 km far from Kathmandu in distance. Covering an area of somewhere 7889 sq.km, it’s the biggest district in the country with the elevation from 1525 meters to 7625 meters.

It lies behind Dhaulagiri mountain. Travelling to Dolpa circuit might be challenging as there’s no roadway connection but reaching there is full of adventures and memories to keep with. The trip is almost off remote paths and unexplored places with the highlands.


The people there follow Tibetian culture and it’s their spiritual belief that helps them to survive in those dry highlands. In Ringmo, people followed and are still following Bon culture from the 11th century. There’s a famous monastery named “Shey Gompa” also known as “The Crystal Monastery” continuing their culture.

The preferable time for trek is in between April – November.

Highlights of circuit:

  • Shey Phoksundo Lake ( Deepest lake with no aquatic life)
  • Shey Phoksundo waterfall 
  • Bon Culture: Ringmo, a place where we can get a rare chance for its hidden and ancient practices.
  • Shey Phoksundo National Park 
  • Shey Gompa ( The Crystal Monastery)
  • Interesting facts:
  • The Dolpa region was not known well until a documentary “Himalaya” was filmed on it.
  • Yarsha- gumba (Caterpillar fungus) : Medical herb formed with fungus on caterpillars. Many people go in search of it. Even holidays are provided at that place. Found above 3500 mtrs.

Trek Trial:

There two ways for Dolpa trek circuit. We can get there from Nepalgunj or Beni, Myagdi. 

From Nepalgunj:

  • Trial starts from Jhupal and to Barbung Jhola through Danai and Tarakot.
  • Then head towards Tarap valley and 2 days trek from there leads to Dho Tarapa which quite difficult as we come across 4000 mtrs 
  • From Dho Tarap, it’s time for Ringmo village and Shey Phoksundo Lake which can be reached passing through highlands.
  • It’s popular route in Dolpa circuit so after that we head back to Juphal taking 2 -3 days of trek from Ringmo through Sumduwa and Kake.


Being a district with no roadway connection, we can get roadway trips up to Nepalgunj and flights to Dunai. From there it’s by foot.


  • Hotels around Nepalgunj
  • Some seasonal local hotels are up in the trial.


  • As being least explored, the journey is full of adventures and wilderness. So make sure to carry safety gears.
  • Permits are required to explore the areas. Charges will be taken for permit.
  • Facilities of hotels are not so good when we climb up to highlands as locals don’t permanently live there. So better to travel in preferable time (i.e. April – November)


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