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Anisha Rauniyar August 3, 2020

Nagdaha, a secretive lake is arrange at about 4.5km from the Satdobato, in a little town of Dhapakhel. It has had the option to appeal adventurers with its rich history and its quietness. The lake is accept to be around 5 hectares. To have started from a stone tap inside Gaukhureshwor Temple, a sanctuary on the north-western side of the lake. As the name proposes, Nagdaha ( Lake of Snakes) is accept to be the home of thousands of lakes.

There are numerous fantasies encompassing the spot. Be that as it may, two of them are famous among local people. It is accept that in antiquate occasions, Lord Shiva use to live at Nagdaha. Which made the goddess Bajrabarahi, stress over her own diminishing number of enthusiasts. She at that point changed herself into a pig and began making snorting clamors. Pigs are customarily connect with earth and foulness. Master Shiva, feeling that the lake was grimy in light of the presence of pigs at that point went looking for a spotless spot and settled himself at Gosainkunda Lake in Rasuwa region.

Another well known fantasy about this spot is that a male snake (a snake lord) lives in Taudaha and a female snake is at Nagdaha. During the stormy season, the male snake makes an excursion to the town of Panauti so as to take an interest in a celebration. It is say that he remains with the female snake of Nagdaha on his approach to and over from Panauti. This association of the nagas, legendary half snake, half-individuals, brings about substantial downpour.


Because of these convictions, Nagdaha holds uncommon strict noteworthiness. During Nag Panchami, a large number of fans visit the lake and take a dunk in the lake and perform puja in the sanctuary. The sanctuary is situate at the southern edge of the lake and is accept to be honor by the snake god. Rishi Panchami is additionally celebrate at Nagdaha, revering the Saptarishi’s. And furthermore in the Buddha Jayanti, priests from the close by Bihars visit the lake and discharge several fish into the lake implying the start of new life cycles.

The lake is know as a characteristic living space for an assortment of amphibian plants, fish and transitory fowls. The perspective on Phulchoki, Santaneshwor and Kotadada can be seen from the lake. One can get an incredible perspective on the dusk and dawn from the spot which is quite wonderful and stunning. Investigating the close by slopes, trails, backwoods and sanctuaries can be energizing while at the same time visiting the lake.


Nagdaha is wealthy in oceanic natural life and winged animal species. Numerous types of local fishes, for example, Barbs and Snakeheads are bountiful. This is likewise home to a few flying creature animal groups like Black Kite, Black Drongo, Cattle Egret, Oriental Magpie Robin, Common Myna, Rose-ring Parakeet and Red-Vent Bulbul are a portion of the inhabitant wing animals. Transients incorporate Cuckoos and Eurasian Coot. It is the best spot to watch winged animals in the Kathmandu valley.

The lake has been utilize for different purposes like washing garments, washing, fishing, water system, just as strict purposes. Be that as it may, sailing and swimming in the lake have been shut because of security concerned. Because of the unseemly human exercises and contamination, the magnificence of the lake has been diminishing step by step. Be that as it may, the neighborhood individuals and specialists have assumed control over things and are attempting to save the respectability of the spot.


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