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10 facts about Taleju Bhawani

Anisha Rauniyar August 2, 2020

In the core of Kathmandu Durbar Square lives the Guardian Deity of the Malla Kings; Taleju Bhawani. Brimming with legendary and supernatural convictions, the Taleju sanctuary remains on a 12 phase platform charming the Durbar square territory. Kathmandu Durbar Square’s biggest sanctuary Taleju Bhawani is at its northeastern furthest point and isn’t available to the open each day.

taleju bhawani

Taleju Bhawani is one of the most impressive goddesses and her sanctuary stands apart among the numerous sanctuaries and landmarks around the Durbar Square. Legend has it that she played Tripasa (a dice game) with the last Malla lord Jayaprakash Malla consistently in the condition that nobody would think about it. Anyway one night the sovereign sees her which enrages the goddess and she leaves. Before leaving she tells the lord that on the off chance that he ever wishes to see her or secure the country, at that point he should look for her among the high cast Newar young ladies among whom she will live.

Here are hardly any realities you should think about the incomparable Taleju Bhawani:
  1. The sanctuary was work looking like ‘yantra’, an enchant outline say to have powers as it was a proposal that came directly from the Goddess Taleju.
  2. Non-Hindus are not permit inside the sanctuary.
  3. Taleju Temple must be visite once every year on Nawami (ninth day ) of Bada Dashain.
  4. At the point when it was fabricate, King Mahendra Malla request that no other structure in Kathmandu should ascend higher than its plated rooftops.
  5. It took 46 years to fabricate Taleju Bhawani Temple and was finish in 1564.
  6. Goddess Taleju Bhawani was additionally the faction Goddess (Kul Devta) of the Malla Kings who manag Nepal from the twelfth century to the eighteenth century
  7. At the point when the Malla Kingdom was vanquish by Shah rulers, the new Kings receive Taleju as their own new regal god so as to demonstrate their authenticity to the seat.
  8. According to convention 54 male wild oxen and 54 male goats alongside different creatures are relinquish on Ashtami (eighth day of Bada Dashain)
  9. There are 12 smaller than usual sanctuaries encompassing the principle sanctuary.
  10. Kumari is view as the human sign of the Goddess Taleju and there are a few legends revealing to us why the Kumari is consider as the appearance of Goddess Taleju.


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