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Taleju Bhawani

Anisha Rauniyar May 26, 2020

The Taleju Bhawani Sanctuary in focal Kathmandu stands apart among the multitude of sanctuaries and landmarks around the Durbar Square. As I sit close by the sanctuary, a lady approaches the entryway of the Taleju Bhawani . She bows looking for gift from the goddess. There is a sure fulfillment all over.

Malla Regime

Individuals accept that the sanctuary was work looking like yantra, a supernatural outline say to have enchant forces. Because of a proposal that came directly from the Goddess Taleju. As indicated by legends, Taleju Bhawani herself showed up at the sanctuary’s devotion service. Where she came masked as a honey bee. She was initially a goddess from the south of India. Yet later turned into the kul deuta (family god) of the Malla Lords in fourteenth century.

Talju bhawani

In any event, when the Malla realm was vanquish by the Shah rulers. The new lords receive Taleju as their own new imperial god so as to demonstrate and solidify their authenticity to the seat. A few people additionally state because of the nearness of the imperial goddess. The sanctuary got away with just minor harms in the 2015 seismic tremor.

The sanctuary despite everything stands, but with a couple of splits. Its zenith fallen yet has been reestablish and the primary sanctuary is somewhat incline from its unique spot. Yet the structure has been make sure about with framework.

Taleju sanctuary must be visit by Hindus once per year on the ninth day of Dashain. For every other person, it must be see all things consider. Inside, there are 12 small scale adaptations of the sanctuary that encompass the fundamental structure. There are four additional sanctuaries higher up just beneath the fundamental sanctuary.

Entrance to Taleju Temple

The four primary beautiful doors are watche by stone lions. Inside the fundamental Taleju sanctuary itself are brilliant sculptures delineating. The ten-equipped goddess alongside sanctuaries to both Taleju Bhawani and Kumari, Nepal’s Living Goddess.


Kumari is view as the human sign of the Goddess Taleju. There are a few legends disclosing to us why the Kumari is consider as the sign of Goddess Taleju. One well known legend states how the last Malla Lord Jayaprakash Malla played tripasa, a bones game with the goddess. She vowed to come each night depending on the prerequisite that the ruler wouldn’t enlighten anybody regarding it.

Be that as it may, one night the lord’s significant other saw the goddess which incensed Taleju Bhawani and she left. In any case, before leaving she told the ruler that in the event that he needed to see her again or have her ensure his nation, he’d need to look for her among the high give Newar young ladies a role as she would be embodied as a young lady among them.

Wanting to offer some kind of reparation with his patroness, Lord Jayaprakash Malla left the royal residence looking for the little youngster who was control by Taleju’s soul. The revering of the Goddess Taleju as a youthful virgin young lady, or kumari, turned into a convention in the Newar society and has proceeded right up ’til today.

According to the custom, the living goddess visits the sanctuary on Mahanawami of Dashain consistently.

The sanctuary will be open on Nawami (Friday) from 5 am to 7 pm. Consistently many lovers quietly remain in line to give proper respect to Taleju Bhawani arranged at Tulasi Chowk, Hanuman Dhoka. The lines reach up to the extent the Kumari Ghar, Basantapur from the sanctuary’s principle entrance.


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