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Yomari Punhi

Anisha Rauniyar June 8, 2020

Yomari is typically eaten on cool days when the chill of the primary winter begins to enter the valley. It is accepted that eating Yomari averts the cold of the winter chill.

How its made?

It is made by steaming a bun like a type of rice flour which is from the new collect, the four is then shaped in a fig-like figure and afterward loaded up with earthy colored unadulterated sweetener which in Newar is designated “Chaku”. Chaku meaning sweet or delectable also. The chaku and sesame seeds are blended in with one another and brought to bubble and afterward stuffed into the rice flour fig formed mixture, like dumplings or Momos. During Yomari Punhi, the fig formed batter isn’t just loaded up with chaku yet in addition with Khuwa, and minced meat.



In Yomari purnima individuals likewise love Goddess Anapurna. Annapurna is the goddess of grains and food. It is when ranchers complete the process of gathering and taking rest in the wake of a difficult day’s worth of effort. Children accumulated in bunches go neighborhood to request yomari at night. Consecrated conceal moves are acted in the towns of Hari Siddhi and Thecho at the southern finish of the Kathmandu valley to stamp the celebration.

Individuals accept this festival brings them wealths, wellbeing and thriving. Individuals give various shapes to yomaris. For the most part yomaris are set up as divine beings and goddesses like Kumar, Ganesh, Laxmi and Kuber. Guardians and seniors favor kids and give kids yomaris to eat. The youngsters, then again, play out the standard routine and request food and different endowments from the older folks during the celebration.

The celebration is accepted begun from panchal nagar (Panauti). It is said Suchandra and Krita, a wedded couple, first explored different avenues regarding a new yield of rice from their field. They came out with the state of yomari. The new food was disseminated among the townspeople. The food was enjoyed by all, the bread was named yomari, which actually signifies ‘scrumptious bread’. The couple offered yomari to Kuber (God of riches) who was masked and cruising by. Kuber was glad and revealing himself favored the couple with riches. He likewise announced that whosoever get ready Yomari as divine beings and goddesses on the full moon day of Marga Sukla Purnima consistently and watch four days of commitment to god, will pick up riches and success.

The celebration is praised for four days. All the four days individuals implore and revere. A major festival is seen around evening time in Dhaneshwar Mahadev sanctuary in Banepa. There is a custom of doing Deepavali at home. Individuals love God Kuber, Ganesh and goddess Subhadra in these 4 days. On the subsequent day, Yomari is set up looking like divine beings and goddesses and put away inside the rice storehouse (bhakari) and loved. On the fourth day, Yomari is eaten as Prasad and accepted that those divine beings as yamari enter to human body those love and take yamari Prasad.

Individuals disperse yomari and rice to yomari asking kids home to home. In this day goddess Durga is adored as Dhanyalaxmi or Annapurna mata.

Yomari is contrasted and the earth. Different sides are accepted as North and South Pole. The stuffing of earthy colored natural sweetener (chaku) and sesame seeds is viewed as Mahamaya (all-powerful God). Some of the time, meat is additionally stuffed in yomari, that yomari is accepted as master Ganesh. The yomari with dark lentil is viewed as God Kumar. On the fourth and the last day the individuals eat the sweet yomari bread as Prasad and this denotes the finish of the festival.(Via Wikipedia and different sources)

During this day youngsters from the age of 2, 6, 8, 10, and 12 are put a wreath of Yomari around their neck with separate number of Yomari’s.


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