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Yarsa Trek

Anisha Rauniyar July 4, 2020

Yarsa Trek is a herbal trek; alluded to trekking in the plant life of Yarsagumba. Townspeople and traders from the neighboring towns and locale accumulate at a similar spot. They gather these natural species, Yarsagumba which originates from the latin word: Cordyceps Sinesis . Additionally truly known as summer plant and winter creepy crawly in Tibetan. What really Yarsagumba is, is a plant animal types that goes under organism. Considered Mushroom whose spores falls and sprouts on an appropriate base known as caterpillar. Before the blustery season shows up and fit to be gather on April, May, June and July. Yarsagumba is therapeutically significant and costly herb which has prestigious its significance and ubiquity due to love potion. Yearly, understudies and analysts visit the glades of Yarsagumba in the Dolpa Region to cause study. To find about new inside the land limit of the Kingdom of Nepal.

The course is same for Yarsa round and the Yarsa Trek up to Phuphal Phedi. The course followed to Dunai or Dolpo alongside Thandi from Phuphal Phedi is the Yarsa Trek. The edges course from Phupal Phedi to Baghdanda and Sisne Village and return back to Rukumkot, is the Yarsa Round Trek. We have alternatives to meet at Maikot from Rukum and close by places and furthermore along Dhopatan Hunting Reserve from Baglung, Pokhara and close by places.

File:यार्सागुम्बा (Yarsagumba).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The mainstream yarsa chase spots are Phuphal and Thangi in this trek. You will reach however an excursion of wide-extended common natural surroundings of vegetation including Himalayan thar, slippery snow panther, intriguing creatures, somewhat blue sheep, kham culture of Magar ethnic in Maikot, the yarsagumba huntings.


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