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Yangben : Taste of Limbu

Anisha Rauniyar July 13, 2020

The Limbus, an indigenous people from Nepal’s eastern slopes, have fascinating and one of a kind food customs. Wild eatable lichen, known as yangben, is the network’s mark strength. Limbus cook yangben with meat, particularly pork, to make an assortment of dishes. What’s more, one of the most adored treats is yangben-faksa, pork with lichen. Another mainstream dish is blood wiener, known as sargemba or sargyangma, which is made by adding lichen to mince meat or innards.

Yangben with Pork

Yangben doesn’t have any flavor or smell all alone yet when cooked with greasy pork, it assimilates the fat and loans a heavenly hearty flavor to the dish. Pork and yangben wed well together.

On account of the yangben’s notoriety, neighboring Rai and different networks have additionally embraced yangben in their food culture. Be that as it may, from where and how did the lichen become some portion of conventional Limbu food? How about we discover.

As with the kinema (matured soybeans) and liquor drinking, the historical backdrop of lichen utilization in Nepal likely has its sources in current southern China’s Yunnan area. Limbu’s predecessors went to Nepal’s eastern slopes from Yunnan through Northern Burma and Assam, as per history specialists. As indicated by the book ‘Kirat history and Culture’, composed by Imanshing Chemjong, the Limbus came to eastern Nepal around the seventh century and joined a related gathering called Kirats who went to the area a lot prior.

Lichen is view as old food in Yunnan, and in Nepal just the Limbus have generally devour lichen despite the fact that it’s broadly accessible the nation over slopes and mountains. In light of this perception, it is just conceivable that Limbus may have brought the act of eating lichen from the Yunnan district.


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