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Corona Update Nepal

Whoopee Land

Anisha Rauniyar June 28, 2020

There’s only an uncommon spot in the hearts of families wherever for that bygone era warm, friendly delight and water park in the Kathmandu valley. Event congregation highlights exciting rides, family rides, experience rides, kiddie rides, Jurassic Safari, and some more. Whoopee land’s Water Park, Slides and Splashes, are directly over the road.

We have included energizing new rides including 360 degree Ranger , 180 degree Frisbee, the fun Zorb ball along awe-inspiring glades and Animatronics Dinosaurs. Obviously, your top choices are prepared and pausing.

Our Non-stop sea-going roller coasters highlights Multi path, fast Slide, Family Raft, Space Bowl, Spectacular children water-play post Multiple Platform for kiddies. Water adventure in charming condition is ideal for all vacationers; adrenaline junkies, and all age individuals. The water park offers and extraordinary degree of energies and conveys a “Water” Adventure dissimilar to some other. Hang on as the Water Park slides blows your mind every step of the way, sprinkle down on our slides.

Furthermore, remember, The Bee Garden and feasting region that can suit up to 200 visitors for birthday celebrations, family gatherings or any gathering excursion.

Roller coasters

The shouting doesn’t need to stop! Alongside our challenging roller coasters lifts you upside down,flip you to and fro, whirl you, drop you hurl you vertical and sideways! Leaving you only a shuddering butterflies in your stomach.


The Ranger is a staggering ride expertly built to convey fast rush understanding, SCREAMS OF FRIGHT TURN INTO DELIGHT, turning all around 40ft over the ground and topsy turvy with unexpected yank!


You’re in for a serious ride with this swinging, turning pendulum! Take off high into the sky for a confounding perspective on the recreation center with your legs dangling underneath you. It’s tooth tastic and once chomped, you need to fly over and over. This ride will meet any thrill seeker’s adrenaline hankering.

Family Rides

Family Rides offers the absolute generally essential and adrenalin-siphoning encounters. Families and Groups normally love it for our superb assortment of energetic and healthy fun. Local people and vacationers the same know us as the most smoking spot around for having a great time. Come find the fun of Family Rides.

Whoopee Land’s family rides meet both you and your youngster’s pleasant filling needs. Regardless of whether it is riding the stunning SwingShip in pendulum movement, there is extreme diversion for everybody at whoopee land Amusement and Water Park.


On the swingship rides, riders can expect the sudden changes in the rise and speed of boat including moderate turns , to and fro, knocks, and circles which makes riders having a sentiment of going on the ocean waves with different degree of rakish force.

Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Rides is for little children who need to feel like the enormous children! So we we’ve given them their own exceptional rides in the recreation center where Moms and Dads can relax and KIDS RULE! (In any event until the ride is finished… )

Ruler merry go round

Let your charming cubbies turn, coast here and there and chuckle along without dashes! Jump on board this most loved ride with its Classic Horses and Colorful Animals. Decide to ride one of the numerous creatures as you spin around on the Carousel.

Small scale Pirate Boat

Swing to your souls content! Youngsters can fly to and fro over privateer pontoon bringing your team on board.

Espresso mug

Join Whoopee land own special Kiddee Cup for some tea! Sit with every one of your companions in Tiny Tea Cups as you control the heading and speed of your turn. Watch the world turn by in a beautiful haze!

Privateer transport

Privateer transport is Ready to Take your Little one for a Spin skimming all over – a magnificent encounter of riding the boat that is a good time for all.

Flying Fish

This brilliant flying fish ride for your little chubbies will take off riders through the air in a high-flying circle.

Kiddie liner

The kiddie Coaster Ride – an exciting kiddie ride that is a good time for all the little ones. Heaps of Smiles and Giggles as this napkin races around the track.

Skipping Ball

Is your Kids prepared for swelling? Our Bouncing football zone can engage youthful and not all that small kids for extensive periods. Guardians have happy with seating zones where they can watch their youngsters play effectively and securely, grin became more extensive and more extensive in enormous fun intelligent territory.

Experience Rides

What could be more brave than a visit to an amusement park? From the second you show up until the second you leave, your faculties are started, tested, and bumped forward and backward.

Bull Rides

The bull bucks, backs, kicks, twists and turns with an end goal to expel the rider. Prepare to remain on the kicking bull.

Rock Climbing

Be a stone; contend aside for on the vertical stone ascension where one finish of the rope is associated with the climber seat strap, with the opposite finish of the rope associated with the top.

Stepping stool Climbing

Set an even ascending rivalry with your rival over-expanded fun Zone, Climb the inconceivably insecure rope stepping stool as far as possible and ring the chime as an ensured champ among.

Zorb ball

Appreciate an overly quick zorbing involvement with increasingly traditional path moving down through steep glade. Experience the wild inside from delicate PVC cushioned ball.

Jurrasic Safari

Whoopee Land’s energizing Live Raptors display highlights life-sized animatronics dinosaurs in a multi-tangible and intuitive condition. Make the most of this one of a kind chance to breath life into science for you and your family!

Venture back so as to a huge number of years prior in our shiny new Dinosaur Alive! Animatronics Dinosaur Park in excess of 5 life-sized dinosaurs are in plain view, some up to 30 feet in length. Visitors will visit topical displays along an energizing stream pontoon, highlighting ancient world. Your paleontological question has clear confirmations; dinosaur fossils and its mammoth eggs. An instructive and energizing fascination that the entire family can partake in together!

Water Park

End up in sprinkle world experience

Whoopeland Water Park is your definitive decision for wet, wild, and refreshing summer fun.

Space Bowl

You are not terrified of dull, right? This completely encased water slide drives you to most impenetrable and extended passage into ghostly obscurity speeding down, into the huge open channel (gigantic bowl) with spine-shivering arrangement of winding movement before diving into the pool with extreme sprinkle.

Speed Slides

Have a requirement for speed? Separate the speed obstruction, this one of a kind, camel humpbacked raised single path slides gives you down a tricky slant access gravity-pulling speed, you will get a sheer adrenaline surge as you slide solo from on. On the off chance that you dare! Take a quick and angry deadliest dive with this snappiest method to challenge the warmth.

Multilane slides

Prepared, Set, slide! Your adversary sliders seek the primary spot as they take the beautiful fluid quick track down a colossal multilane sprinkle way, challenge riders to triumph.

Family Raft

Circle, coast and wind through steep banks and bends on one of the roundabout slides you and your relatives can shout together down this elating to make a genuine family fun experience.

Multipen-Play System

Appreciate a fabulous involvement in your tinniest individuals from the family. A day out at Splasher’s youngsters play region is destined to be loaded up with fun and giggling. Children! Support yourselves for a definitive shower-at splashers, there is tipping pail with mushroom umbrella that sent more than 500 Liters of water spouting down from above. The little ones won’t learn about left, with a wide assortment of exceptionally planned water slides only for them.


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