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White House Danda

Anisha Rauniyar June 13, 2020

In the most misjudged of climbs, we set out to climb White House Danda along Kathmandu’s southern edge in this truly and genuinely reviving experience. We kiss our customary ranges of familiarity farewell and jump on a transport from Nakkhu to Kirtipur where blurred Dashain enhancements and political decision signals despite everything dangle overhead, vacillating in the first part of the day breeze. Newari design overwhelms Kirtipur’s horizon as Bagh Bhairab unmistakably ignores this antiquated city. We take a left from the bus station and head straight for the initial fifteen minutes, passing marble, glass and link stores until we get to Shiva Chautari.

White House
View from White House Danda

Diverting left from Shiva Chautari along a graveled street into Kirtipur’s ranches, we start our excursion towards the lower regions of Chandragiri. An alternate way through aalis (ranch trails) takes us along mushroom ranches, rotten chicken coops, goliath sheaves and an overgrown lake that serves as a septic tank for an improvised can with an old Coca Cola flag for dividers. The houses here are flawlessly trimmed with pumpkin vines and vases while youngsters play cricket and marbles on the grass. After arriving at a little extension, we wind up on the edge of Chandragiri as we pass Paanch Dhara. These water grows fill in as a network shower and clothing.

Moan and accept a full breath as the way from the sprouts gradually begins to rise and the settlement begins to get more slender. For the following couple of kilometers, the path is unforgivingly steep and goes through forsaken portions of the wilderness. Other than two or three ladies easily conveying kindling twice their weight, don’t hope to see a spirit along this stretch. We stop at a Tamang town after 30 minutes and appreciate the awesome perspective on the valley underneath, including Phulchowki and Taudaha Lake. Admire see the subtle White House Danda straightforwardly above us; we are just most of the way there. We proceed on the path that spirals upwards on the hillock’s northern edge lastly arrive at the white-washed house on the top.

On the southern side are the verdant backwoods of Chandragiri’s littlest pinnacle called Tauko Khane Daanda (the most elevated point being Champadevi). Towards the east, the neighboring towns of Bosan and Chalnakhel can be found in full mustard sprout, making a lovely range of yellow blossoms and green fields emphasized further by the beautiful petition banners of a religious community. Look on towards the city skyline to locate the perfect magnificence of Bosan could not hope to compare with the monumental sight of Phulchowki. Before we proceed to the higher vantage point only a couple hundred feet away, rest for some time at White House and worship the eastern front of the city.

Through broken brew bottles, playing a game of cards and quills of culled chicken close to the leftovers of campfires, we explore to the store – the highest piece of the hillock. Realistic messages of adoration and desire composed roughly with coal enhance the repository divider. Mindfully moving along the shrubberies towards the edge of the hillock, prepare for the amazingness that is Kathmandu.

Lo and view the display! An unhindered and absolutely remarkable scene, one that’d put any semblance of Swayambhu to disgrace. From Kathmandu under a cover of thick earthy colored brown haze to Lele Valley’s crisp morning fog. From Annapurna’s unstoppable massif to the flashing dash of Gokyo covered by fog. The most elevated pinnacles of Kathmandu – Jamacho, Shivapuri, Nagarkot and Phulchowki – predominated by the Himalayan glory floating in the skyline.

Relish the experience of supreme quiet with vibes practically reflective. Greenery is galore and the outside air inhales life in you the route nothing in the frenzy of Kathmandu ever could. As magical and charming as it might be, we despite everything need to make a beeline for Kirtipur before the sun singes.

We backtrack our means to the base of the slope and veer off along a blend of restricted path down to Panga, and afterward on more extensive jeep tracks to Kirtipur where festivity is standing by! Take flights of stairs up through the cobbled back streets of this antiquated Newari town that flaunts a totally protected culture, design and way of life. When we reach Kirtipur Heights, we give proper respect to Bagh Bhairab and advance toward the network run rural Lahana Restaurant.

The enticing rundown of dishes in the menu knows no closure. Turn away a decision loss of motion by agreeing to Samaybaji – a variety of beaten rice, eggs, potato pickle, greens, bison meat, etc. On the off chance that you feel courageous, satisfy your hunger with dishes hard to articulate and spirits more enthusiastically to stand up to. Choela and sapumhichha are logically archived to recharge the protein you use during the climb, while chhyang and aayila are profoundly reported to purge your spirit. It bears calling attention to that Newari food all in all is overly hot, so request that the women mitigate the flavors.

Following a wonderful supper, dive a stairwell behind Bagh Bhairab to get to the bus station close to Kirtipur’s market. Five invigorating long periods of experience along the laps of Chandaragiri, unprecedented points of view of the mountains and a dining experience fit for rulers finishes up with a pocketful of recollections to love and a rough transport ride back to the city.


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