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Corona Update Nepal

VIP Lounge and Bar

Anisha Rauniyar July 28, 2020

At the very entryways of Thamel is VIP Lounge and Bar. Which started its cordiality and food benefits over a year prior. Situated in the clamoring setting of the valley makes it extremely helpful for wraps of clients. Frequenting the spot for the most part during ends of the week.

The seating is open and gives a breezy, agreeable feel. Nights are extraordinary, with the grand view and hanging pixie lights. Be it a family supper, a social gathering with your companions or a birthday festivity. The environment here is ideal for nearly everything.

On your visit to VIP Lounge and Bar, the staff will welcome you heartily and offer the best of their rarities. Which without question is more than fulfilling. Buzzing with live exhibitions and the most brilliant beverages, many-a-night are spend here in festivities.

vip lounge

Furthermore, what is a festival without extraordinary food? First of all, their Classic Chicken Caesar Salad is a work of art yet with a bend. Flame broil chicken bosom with blend greens. Prepare with caesar dressing, bread garnishes and cut bits of bubble eggs were then sprinkle with parmesan to make this fine serving of mix greens, a taste bud opener for additional to come.

A top pick, meat darlings would eat up the Buffalo wings in the blink of an eye here. With the perfect measure of zest and pleasantness to launch festivities. The dish was consummately marinate in zesty bean stew sauce making the outside somewhat firm yet delicate and stunningly seasoned within.

vip lounge and bar

Another enjoyment you can’t miss is the Classic Bruschetta. Probably the best thing about summer’s succulent, ready tomatoes from the market, is that you can appreciate the great dish with tomatoes, basil and garlic like no other season. What’s more, the café simply happens to serve your preferred customary Italian canapé on toast. All prepared to serve your taste buds with its interesting yet recognizable taste, the bruschetta here is anything but difficult to prepare instantly.

An alluring dish, the Shrimp Cocktail looks enticing and captivating simultaneously. A sample of Mediterranean, sear child prawns/shrimps is present with mix drink sauce. The sauce was something new, giving the entire dish an extraordinary taste.

Others specials like the Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan and Spaghetti Neapolitan with quintessential flavors make certain to satisfy your craving.

Proceeding onward to the all around supplied bar, mixed drinks, for example, the Cobra House, a mix of blue curacao syrup with drops of triple sec; Strawberry Magic and Blue Lagoon highlighting blue curacao once more, ordinarily decorate with a lemon cut can be an incredible beginning to your night. These famous summer drinks were similarly delectable and reviving mixtures.

vip lounge

At long last, a sweet to coordinate your gastronomical experience, remember the Chocolate Brownie. The tender loving care, the fixings, the newness, the introduction – everything radiates through. Arranged in Thamel, VIP Lounge and Bar is a simple stop for breakfast, lunch and supper.


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