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Tulsi Vivah

Anisha Rauniyar May 27, 2020

Tulsi Vivah, is the stately marriage of the Tulsi plant (blessed basil) to the Hindu God Vishnu, or to his symbol, Shri Krishna. With an immense blend of various societies and customs, Nepal is a serious plate of mixed green bowl. There is an extremely renowned, and exceptionally old custom that is as yet drilled by individuals from the Hindu people group.

In Nepal, this legendary wedding additionally implies the finish of the storm season, and the start of the wedding season for Hindus.

Tulsi Vivah - Wikipedia

This stately celebration is praised between the eleventh or twelfth lunar day in the Hindu month of Kartik (otherwise called Prabodhini Ekadashi) and the Full Moon Day of the month (otherwise called Kartik Poornima). Some Hindu people group commend the celebration for a time of five days, finishing festivities on the Full Moon Day of the Kartik month.

Tulsi Vivah is performed on the twelfth day (additionally called Dwadashi).

In the Hindu people group, the Tulsi plant is viewed as a heavenly plant (the Blessed Basil), as it represents virtue. In antiquated occasions, it was additionally acclaimed for its therapeutic properties, thus, it is generally found in pretty much every Hindu house.

Since the Tulsi plant is accepted to be a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, who is accepted to be Ruler Vishnu’s significant other, she is frequently alluded to as ‘Vishnu Priya’, actually signifying ‘the darling of Vishnu”.

The celebration is generally celebrated by either unmarried ladies searching for an appropriate match, or ladies who are experiencing difficulty getting hitched or whose marriage might be getting postponed for reasons unknown, or for couples having issues getting pregnant.

tushi vivah

Legends related with the celebration

As indicated by Hindu folklore, the Tulsi plant was a lady named “Vrinda”, who was hitched to the Asura lord, Jalandhar. A genuine lover of Master Vishnu, she was honored by the Ruler for her devotion, and was given the intensity of invulnerability.

Being not able to crush Ruler Jalandhar, Master Shiva looked for help from Master Vishnu, who is accepted to be the preserver of the Trinity. Masked as Jalandhar, Master Vishnu deceived Vrinda by wrecking her purity.

With Vrinda’s modesty crushed, Ruler Jalandhar lost his capacity, and Master Shiva had the option to overcome him. Vrinda, feeling cheated, took a stab at suffocating herself in the sea. Master Vishnu spared her and to respect her, moved her spirit to a plant, which has, from that point forward, been called Tulsi.

As indicated by another legend, it is accepted that upon the arrival of Tulsi Vivah, Goddess Lakshmi vanquished a devil, and stayed on Earth by dwelling in a Tulsi plant.

Customs and Ceremonies

As a feature of the convention and custom, a Tulsi plant is wearing a red saree. The parts of the plant are enhanced with red and green bangles. Kumkum, and red bindi are applied on the principle stem. A mangalsutra (a jewelry wedded ladies wear to speak to their conjugal status), made of dried turmeric root, is additionally positioned on the plant.

A picture or icon of Ruler Vishnu or Master Krishna is put close to the plant to speak to the ‘groom’. The symbol is wearing a dhoti, and washed and beautified with bloom festoons before the stylized wedding.

The Tulsi plant and the icon of the Master are integrated in marriage with a Blessed string (called molli).

Female individuals from the family frequently watch a quick during the day of the celebration, and just break it before the festivals start at night.

  • Event Date: 26/11/2020


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