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Tribhuvan Park

Abhishek Subedi May 21, 2020

Tribhuvan park is the public park located at the South-West corner of Kathmandu in Thankot. It is about 3.3 km from the Ring road of Kathmandu. The exact area of the park is 1.3 sq km which is extended to the large area of Thankot. This park offers you a beautiful view with the angelic green sod and picnic spot. It is the best place to enjoy the serene environment with greenery beauty. It lies in the shade of the Chandragiri Hills. This park was probably the first most developed picnic and tourism spot for domestic tourists.

tribhuvan park

HISTORY of Tribhuvan park

The park was established by the late King Birendra in an honour to his grandfather King Tribhuvan in 1972 AD.


This park is a very popular site for the educational tour, school picnics, corporate picnics, and for family gatherings. This park has many species of trees, plants and flowers. The park is spread widely in the sloppy terrain designed for walking around.Those who are fond of photography can enjoy themselves inside the park. The park has other special features such as picnic spots and playgrounds. There was a glorious statue of King Tribhuvan at the centre of the park but due to the earthquake of 2015 the statue has fallen from the spot. It is an easily accessible location from inside different places of Kathmandu. This place is known as the best spot for celebrating relaxation, chill or enjoyment of its beautiful aura. People often visit this park for refreshment and make themselves emerge with joy and happiness. The park is always open and it’s usually crowded during the Nepali New Year and other public holidays. There is a certain amount of entrance fee to enter the park.


Normal entry fee – NRs 30

Student entry fee – NRs 20

Picnic spot fee – NRs 1500 – NRs 2000

Party fee – NRs 6500

Video camera fee – NRs 300

Shooting fee – NRs 1500

This park is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the hectic lifestyle, stressed mind and the pollution of the city. We can get to this beautiful park by public bus that runs on the ring road.

  • Highest Elevation: 1449m


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