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Corona Update Nepal

Trekking FAQs

Anisha Rauniyar July 24, 2020

Do I have to bring my own camping cot?

You can bring your own light-weight camping cot from home. You can lease one in Kathmandu (which your expert will assist you with). Most teahouses likewise have covers you can use; in the hotter month, you may simply need a camping bed liner to use with the covers. And in the colder months, you’ll need a hotter winter hiking bed.

Are licenses remember for the cost of the trek?

Truly. The entirety of the essential licenses for your trek are remembere for the cost. It will be orchestrated you before your trek. For certain confined districts (like Manaslu), you’ll have to have an entire day in Kathmandu. Before your trek as your authority will require your visa for the license enrollment.

What date does the trek start?

Your trek begins the date that works best for you, give the entirety of the visits our masters compose are custom fit to your movement dates. Commonly, you need at any rate 1-2 days in Kathmandu. Preceding your trek all together for your master to compose the important trekking licenses.

Where would i be able to store my gear during the trek?

You can leave your extra gear at your inn in Kathmandu or at the organization office of your master. In any case, your gear will be hanging tight for you at your lodging. when you return once more from your trek.

What trekking apparatus would it be advisable for me to bring from home?

You can purchase for all intents and purposes all that you requirement for trekking—from down coats to water bottles—in Kathmandu. There is an assortment of genuine name-brand store. Just as a huge determination of knock-off items that are genuinely acceptable quality. It’s as yet worth bringing your own apparatus in the event. That it doesn’t take up a lot of weigh. Particularly your own trekking boots to keep away from any possibilities issues when buying new shoes. Here’s a full rundown of what to pack for your trek.

What sort of trekking boots do I need?

You ought to bring trekking boots that are agreeable and broke in. Particularly when crossing high goes, there can be some day off it’s acceptable.Just to be set up for an assortment of conditions. Your footwear shouldn’t be warm yet ought to be solid and strong. It ought to have a thick sole—ideally made of Vibram or another sturdy material. It ought to likewise secure your lower legs. There are an assortment of styles accessible at any outside store made of calfskin or manufactured materials, so it’s truly up to you what’s progressively agreeable.

What amount would it be a good idea for me to tip the guide and watchmen?

Tipping isn’t required yet is normal, and truly relies upon how cheerful you were with the administration. Aides (both for trekking and social visits), doormen, and drivers are ordinarily furnish with a tip toward the finish of your administration with them. Here’s all that you have to think about tipping alongside recommended sums.

How troublesome are the treks?

Grouping the trouble of a trek is to some degree precarious, as it relies upon your wellness and experience climbing in the mountains. In the Himalaya, a trek’s trouble relies upon the steepness of the path, the general elevation, and the term of the trek. For the most part, the higher you go the more troublesome the trek becomes. Most treks in the lower regions (Ghorepani, Ghandruk, and Pikey Peak), it’s genuinely moderate trekking, albeit a few days will be more testing than others. For higher-height treks (Everest Base Camp, Gokyo, Annapurna Circuit and Nar Phu), the treks become additionally testing as you’ll be going over 5,000m spends and longer days.

What is ‘teahouse’ trekking?

Teahouse trekking alludes to remaining at a little neighborhood hotel or mountain cottage every night of your trek. The cabins are fundamental and comprise of 5-10 rooms with a typical territory utilized for eating and hanging out. Most treks in Nepal are teahouse treks where the cabins are controlled by individuals from the neighborhood network. To perceive what teahouses resemble, look at our article on teahouse trekking.

How long do we trek every day?

Most days in the mountain include 4-6 hours of trekking. At the point when you consider your day begins at 8 am and finishes around 4-5 pm, it’s not very strenuous as you’ll be taking various breaks and halting for lunch en route. The higher you get in rise (particularly in the Everest area), the shorter your trekking days will get the chance to guarantee you don’t pick up elevation (and hence height affliction) excessively fast.

Do I need to convey my own rigging?

You’ll convey your day by day basics (sunblock, water, cap, light coat, and camera) however your doorman will convey the main part of your apparatus, for example, additional apparel and overnight fundamentals. Doormen are particularly useful for longer treks where you’ll be conveying more apparatus. For shorter treks (2-3 days), you may pick just to have a guide in case you’re happy with conveying your own rigging, yet recruiting a doorman is an incredible method to help the neighborhood economy and is very moderate.

What amount can watchmen convey?

Watchmen regularly convey up to 30 kg. max. (to guarantee they’re not over-burden). For delicate things, for example, cameras, it’s despite everything best to convey these things yourself. In the event that you have in excess of 15 kg., kindly convey the additional load in your day pack. In the business exchange, while moving products and supplies up into the high mountains, a few watchmen convey up to 100 kg. furthermore, get paid not exactly a reasonable compensation gave by a dependable trekking organization.

What is the proportion of aides and watchmen to amass size?

There is ordinarily one guide for each five individuals. More noteworthy than five, an associate guide will probably join the gathering and will remain back with more slow walkers in the event that the gathering separates during the day. For doormen, there is one doorman to each two trekkers.

Who are the aides?

The nearby trekking guides our pros work with are regularly brought up in the locales you’re trekking through and have experienced childhood in the mountains. Frequently, they’ll have begun in the business as a watchman, at that point graduated to a cook’s partner, at that point to an associate guide, lastly to a completely ensured control who has finished a four-week direct instructional class sorted out by the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM) and the Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN). Get familiar with the nearby aides our masters work with.

Do the aides communicate in English and have medical aid preparing?

The entirety of the aides our authorities work with talk familiar English and have numerous long stretches of involvement with directing outside voyagers. It’s a prerequisite that they all are prepared in emergency treatment just as convey a medical aid unit with them during the trek.

What is the standard gathering size for this trek?

For bunch (treks that start on a particular date and are open for voyagers to join), the gathering size can extend from 2-10 individuals yet normally winds up being around 4-6 individuals.

What occurs in the event that I become sick during the trek?

On the off chance that you become sick during your trek, the game-plan relies upon what’s going on. On the off chance that it’s elevation infection, moving to bring down heights and taking elevation medicine will understand most cases; if it’s very serious, your guide will orchestrate a crisis departure by helicopter (be certain that crisis helicopter salvage is shrouded in your movement protection). On the off chance that you have a stomach affliction or different kinds of food or water-related sicknesses, your guide will have prescription close by for most regular diseases.

When do I meet my trekking guide?

You normally meet your trekking guide once you’re in Kathmandu. You’ll have a full preparation on the trek toward the beginning of your outing where you’ll meet your guide, have the option to pose inquiries and get all the data you’ll requirement for the trek. Once in a while because of calculated restrictions, your guide may likewise meet you at the air terminal for the trip to the start of your trek.


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