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Tipta La

Anisha Rauniyar May 12, 2020

In a month of September , I decide to set out for Tipta La Pass. The pass is for Tibet however is a gateway destination It was a long way to be reach . So for a night i stay at Mauwa Tar . It is almost about 4000 metres from sea level For that night i stayed at a local homely environment stay . They provided me chicken curry with rice . Later i experienced tongba a homely brewed beer to deal with my stress .

Mauwa Tar has a extraordinarily warmer climate than Tipta La. Which is why many select to spend a night right here on their way to Tipta La Pass.Early morning i woke up to see the river that passes along the Tipta la .It was quite a refreshing view to experience . later I headed to the way the Tipta lA, the border of china. The bypass is at an elevation of 5,200m from sea. It really felt china of scary when i looked down but heavenly when I see the surrounding around me.

Tamor River is a surprise in itself. The burble of the river reverberates all through the hill as one ascends it. The spring the place the river originates is quite a sight to behold; the river flows easily down a cliff while one of its tributaries flows underground. The river flows closer to the assembly point of Udaypur and Sunsari districts, the place it merges with Saptakoshi River.

Anther apeaaling viw was the sinjema Lake . Uphill from a resthouse which falls on the way between Olangchung Gola and Mauwa Tar. It takes about four hours to reach the lake from the resthouse. You can find lots of wollen hand made carpets.

A road come betwenn via Mauwa Tar and on to China. About 20 km from Tipta La pass by lies Olangchung Gola, a hilly settlement can be found . The contract is moderately populate and in accordance to 2011 census, the population of Olangchung Gola is 276 living . Olangchung Gola, additionally refers to as Gola, is place at 3,200m above the sea . That place is mostly cold .Most of the locals in the place are farmers, with men tending to yaks and mountain cows year-round while female go about family chores and knit woolen carpets, which the region exports and is famous for.

Olangchung Gola also has gumba, called Dipi Chholu. It is believe to have been built 465 years ago. The shrine has the words Om Mane Padhme Hum—the basic Buddhist hymn—written on its walls. While often calm, the gumba comes alive for the duration of the Futuk festival. It is a week-long festival celebrated each and every November, and also on Lhoshar and other Buddhist festivals.

Tipta la is more a Buddhist settlement that have their on settlement . They have their own kind of food to taste . Tipta la is full of good views and welcoming people.

  • Highest Elevation: 5768m
  • Lowest Elevation: 4587m


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