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Timbung Pokhari

Anisha Rauniyar June 6, 2020

Timbung Pokhari(The Gunfire Lake)

Timbung Pokhari is arranged in the outskirt of Pachthar and Taplejung. It lies at an elevation of 4480m above from the ocean level. The name ‘Timbung Pokhari’ began from a Limbu word ‘Timbak’, which implies the discharging of a firearm. Local people gave the lake this name as the lake frequently makes a sound that is like that of a gunfire. Timbung Pokhari is 466m long and 154m in width. Much more, snow covers this lake for a half year consistently.

Timbung Lake

Why Timbung Pokhari Trek ?

Superb perspectives on Kanchenjunga can be obviously seen from Timbung Pokhari. Besides, explorers assemble around the lake, particularly during the period of Shrawan (July-August) and during celebrations like Janai Purnima and Nag Panchami. As the lake is very near India’s outskirt, it sees a ton of Indian travelers during the time from places like Manipur, West Bengal and Sikkim. In addition, A trekking course is going built from Sandakpur to Timbu Pokhari however the work hasn’t been begun at this point. Nepal Government has isolated the spending plan for the development.

Timbung Pokhari


The lake is wealthy in both characteristic excellence and biodiversity. The region around the lake is home to different uncommon widely varied vegetation. It is the center point of herbs. Important herbs like bikham, kutki, padmachal, jatamasi, panchaule and yarsagumba can be found in the region. In addition, fragrant herbs like sunpati, bhairungpani and sikpale are additionally found here. The spot is likewise home to creatures like Himalayan monal, Himalayan blue sheep, Himalayan goral, bear, snow panther, musk deer, red panda and some more.

Strict Belief

As indicated by the neighborhood individuals, by offering a puja in this unadulterated lake, wishes of travelers work out as expected alongside their tranquil and upbeat life. In any case, local people additionally accept that awful things happen to the guests on the off chance that they have sin, avarice and desire on their inner voice.

Best Season to Trek

begins from mid of July to mid of September


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