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Anisha Rauniyar June 11, 2020

Tilaurakot was in the old city of Kapilavastu that Prince Siddhartha was raised from his introduction to the world until the age of 29. Tilaurakot was the capital of the old Sakya Kingdom, where the ruler was blessed to receive a luxurious existence of extravagance – a lifestyle that he would at last reject to start his otherworldly excursion.

At the point when he was 29 years of age, Prince Siddhartha left through the eastern door of Kapilavastu, to begin the way to edification as Buddha. Today, you can remain in this identical spot and post through the entryway, onto the green fields that saw the initial steps of this epic excursion. This second has become a significant piece of present day otherworldly excursions.

The remaining parts of the antiquated capital are in present day Tilaurakot and a lot of them have been unearthed and reestablished, while archeological work is as yet occurring to reveal considerably more pieces of the city and bits of knowledge into the life of Siddhartha Gautama.

As a significant community place from about the ninth century BC until the third century AD, there would once have been numerous stupendous structures here. As of now, specialists have revealed royal residence structures, sanctuaries, streets and lakes. A portion of the relics that have been found during unearthings are in plain view at the close by Kapilavastu Museum.

Tilaurakot is additionally a significant site for Hinduism and you’ll see a rural present day Hindu sanctuary devoted to the god Samai Mai inside the old dividers, where individuals consistently come to adore.

As you stroll through the site at Tilaurakot, you’ll get a feeling of the size of the city where Buddha grew up – however you’ll likewise acknowledge how disengaged he was here, secured by his dad. It’s not hard to envision how, as a youthful ruler, he would have looked past the dividers of Kapilavastu and felt there was something more profound that he expected to reveal.


Discoveries in Tilaurakot Palace ruin :

The Fortification Wall

Fortress divider covering the territory of 500 m by 405 m have been found in Tilaurakot royal residence. The stronghold have been encircled by canal and the fortress divider is 10 t o12 feet wide creation it as tall as 18 ft.

The Gate

Four doors have been found along the fortress divider every cardinal way. Doors had monitor rooms and arsenal close to them. The eastern entryway is the most significant and otherworldly as it was from where Buddha went on renunciation. The door is called ‘Mahaviniskramana Dwara’ or ‘Mangal Dwara’.

Kanthaka Stupa

Stupa was raised for Buddha’s pony Kanthaka, somewhere in the range of 100 m east of the entryway. It is accepted that the pony kicked the bucket after it filled its distined need of taking Bodhisattva from the universe of extravagance to the way of illumination.

Upper east Pond

Among numerous lake referenced in King Suddhodana’s castle, one despite everything exists in the northeastern corner of the stronghold. The lake was worked for leasure of the Sakya sovereignties.

Samai Devi Temple

The sanctuary of Samai Mayi is still loved in the premises of fortification. The sanctuary houses pieces of antiquated models. The existance of sanctuary in the complex of Sakya castle have been referenced in movement records of early Chinese pioneers.

Metal Workshop

Metal workshop was found close to the southern barrier divider. The spot have been utilized to make weapons, farming devices, utensils and coins. The disclosure of the coin printing plant underpins that it was the capital city of Sakyas.

Old Roads

The streets were exceptionally wide and cleared with blocks and brickbats. A few streets have stone edging on the two sides. Interestingly, a few streets have eight inches soling produced using iron slag (in the same place: 260). Such an improved street transport in the region shows that the spot was significant.

  • Population: 5684


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