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Third Eye Restaurant

Anisha Rauniyar July 17, 2020

Situated in the core of Thamel, and set up in 1989, the Third Eye Restaurant has been a milestone for more than two decades. It has been serving debonair Indian and Continental cooking for a long time at this point. So it is certainly shelter to state that they know best on what they are doing. The way of life of eating out, or basically getting a charge out of an evening or night with companions. It has been simpler in the Third Eye because of the accessibility of sufficient space, with limit with respect to around 265 individuals one after another.

The café stands tall, with three stories and a rooftop top porch. Its strength isn’t just constrain to its food; clients are particularly satisfy with the way that it has held something of the old Kathmandu climate. The furnishings, the structure, and the whole mood has been totally protected. It much following quite a while of its underlying foundation. A portion of the staff have been with them since the good ‘ol days, which further assists with making the taste debonair. The food is delicious, the administration is magnificent, and the air is dazzling. With everything taken into account, the Third Eye Restaurant is an absolute necessity visit place when you’re in Thamel, and regardless of whether you are most certainly not.


Among the many, similarly tasty decisions, we at long last went to a choice and limited it down to three divine dishes. We had the Stuffed Chicken Breast initial, an ideal mix of chicken and cheddar. In the event that you are a devotee of smooth cheddar, at that point this should be the principal dish that you pick. The cheddar liquefies with one chomp, and the eruption of flavors is inconceivable. The southern style chicken bosom had a disintegrate layering,and was present with buttered vegetables. The puree potatoes were ‘a clincher’, and the entire dish was completely integrate. We were inform that this specific dish.

was stand-out, and that it was made distinctly at Third Eye. In the wake of devouring it, we didn’t know whether there could be some other dish superior to this, yet we needed to stop that idea as the server acquired the following dish.

Fish Mamtaj, the name itself was enthralling for us. Remaining consistent with its name, the dish was unquestionably among the best. The particular thing about it was that it not exclusively was simply fish, yet was fish load down with bubbled egg. With each chomp, the crunchiness of the fish supplemented the delicate quality of the bubbled egg inside. The brilliant pan fry and stuff fish was presented with rich saffron sauce that was satisfactory enough to be eaten with the side rice and serving of mixed greens. In general, Fish Mamtaj signified be the ideal dish to be had either at lunch or supper. Additionally, it is significant that Fish Mamtaj is one of the ‘Gourmet expert’s Specials’ which is even more explanation not to miss it.

The eating up of dishes was as yet not complete. Last, yet certainly not the least, Chicken Alishan Kebab was serve to us. Alishan, which means heavenly and good: the kebab was simply it. The delicate chicken was marinated in cream cheddar, which is something that you don’t get at some other spot. As a result of the cheddar, the taste remained unmistakable, and will undoubtedly stay in our brain for quite a while.

The conventional flavors utilized made it significantly progressively radiant! The dish was overflowing with rich Indian flavors and had that ‘tadka’ to it. There were a lot increasingly various kebabs to browse, however for us the special expansion to its name certainly stuck out. The kebab accompany naan that were totally cut and extremely delicate finish. The naan was one of the most mainstream things at Third Eye, and we could perceive any reason why. Eaten with the kebab, and plunged in ‘pudina’ sauce, it made the entire dish stick out and balance impeccably.

After full stomachs and glad faces, we got the opportunity to talk more with the official director,Mr. Ritez N. Shrestha, and the gourmet expert, Mr. Bikram Shrestha. It sincerely didn’t feel like work to us, as them two were exceptionally inviting, and the entire discussion went with chuckles and that’s it. Mr. Ritez was thoughtful enough to tell us about his eatery and how everything became.

At the point when you are at Third Eye whenever, try to truly invest energy taking a gander at the stylistic theme, which regards Nepali history, with expansion of contacts that supplement the style of food. Likewise, a tip, take a gander at the menu and the multifaceted fringe that it has, you may be astonish at what you find. The food, the vibe, and the staff were a portion of the numerous things that made me need to visit the spot once more, not as a pundit or a columnist, however as an unwavering client.


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