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Tharu Dance

Abhishek Subedi May 21, 2020

Tharu dance is the important event of an ethnic group indigenous to the Terai in Southern Nepal. This dance is performed as the source of enjoyment during the different cultural festivals and any function. Tharu dance has also become the source of income for the Tharu people. It is the best source of entertainment for the tourist who has visited Nepal to enjoy the culture, religion and norms of our country. This dance is mainly performed by the young generations during the special occasion. Tharu dance remarks the feelings of togetherness and belongingness among the Tharu community. They perform this special dance on the occasion of Maghi Parva dressing up in a traditional Tharu wear, eating, drinking and making merry. 


At first the Tharu people were the Rajput origin and migrated from the Thar desert to Nepal’s Far Western Terai region. It is also claimed that Tharus are the descendants of the Shakya and Koliya people of Kapilvastu. Tharu people have been living in the Eastern Terai since the 10th century. During the unification of Nepal, Terai was entitled as the cultivable land and Tharu became the bonded labourers known as Kamaya. They started this dance as the source of enjoyment and to entertain their kids around this hard time. Thus, the Tharu dance has been performed since the late 18 century as their main event and culture.

Tharu Dance – Samrat Group Blog


The dance is usually performed wearing their own traditional outfit such as blouse and skirt for the girl and the male wears choli as top, nahagi as a dress and uporona around their chest. They specially dance in their own native songs which are specially sung by their own native singers. They specially perform this dance at the night time gathering around the fire by carrying the special musical instruments called chatkauli and pilhru on their hands. The dance is done in circular manner by singing and beating the drums.

Tourists can enjoy this special dance as the source of evening entertainment in the Chitwan national park. They arrange the special dance of them which presents their cultural and religious belief to the tourist. 


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