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Temples in Lumbini

Abhishek Subedi June 12, 2020

Lumbini is the famous historical and religious destination of Nepal. It is the birthplace of the Lord Gautam Buddha ” Light of Asia”. The place carries great values around the world. Lumbini is the Buddhist pilgrimage located in the Rupandehi district of Province number 5 in Nepal. It is the major tourist attraction of the country with many temples and historical monuments. You can witness the spiritual power lingering around the area which will provide you with the feelings of peace and harmony. The monks reciting the prayers and melodious Buddhist music is another key point of the place which has added extra beauty and peaceful environment. It is one of many magnets for pilgrimage that sprang up in places pivotal to the life of the Buddha. The place has a number of older temples, including the Mayadevi temple and various new temples funded by Buddhist organizations from various countries.

Many monuments, monasteries and a museum and the Lumbini International Research Institute are also within the heritage site. Also, there is the Pushkarini or the Holy Pond where the Buddha’s mother took the ritual dip prior to his birth where he had his first bath. There numbers of temples and monasteries inside the heritage area spread all over the area. These temples in Lumbini have helped to represent the arts and architectures of each different country.  Visitors have to hire the rickshaw to roam around these temples as they are spread all around the place. These temples give you an opportunity to admire the designs and arts of the monasteries. Lumbini has a number of older temples and many new temples that have been completed or are under construction funded by different Buddhist organizations from around the world.

The temples in Lumbini are the other major tourist attractions which have attracted the number of tourists. These are of all unique structures and designs. Each of these temples have their own significance and values. Numbers of tourists visit these temples.

1.  Myanmar Golden Temple

Myanmar Golden Temple is the oldest structure of the Lumbini Heritage. The temple is built in the Burmese style of architecture and the main shrine is dedicated to the Lord Gautam Buddha.  This temple is highly recommended to the visitor’s for a shortstop. There are three prayer halls inside the temple premises especially designed for the monks to meditate and recite the prayers. The most impressive monument of the temple is topped by a corn cob- shaped shikhara (tower), styled after the temples of Bagan. Within the temple grounds is the nearby Lokamani Cula Pagoda, a huge gilded stupa in the southern Burmese Style, inspired by the Shwedagon Paya in Yangon.

Temples in Lumbini

2. China Temple ( Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery)

Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery also popularly known as the China temple is an elegant Buddhist Monastery in Lumbini.  This elegant monastery is one of the most impressive structures at Lumbini. The impressive structure is built in a pagoda style of architecture and resembles the look of the famous forbidden city of China. It’s  perfectly manicured internal courtyard is an oasis of peace. Reached through the gateway flanked  by dogs of Fo, the temple is rested in the peaceful and serene environment. As one enters, the perfect surroundings fills the heart with peace and joy.

Temples in Lumbini

3. Korean Temple ( Dae Sung Shakya )

Korean temple is another tourist attraction inside the premises of the Lumbini Heritage area. The temple is also commonly known as Dae Sung Shakya. This temple is a Buddhist Monastery with an impressive structure built in a Korean style of architecture and has colorful murals on the ceiling. It even offers a sleeping area as well as three meals a day to visitors for a Few days at the minimal cost of 500 Nepalese rupees per day. The temple provides the perfect getaway for  the visitors who want to stay in the peaceful environment with the sound of the monks reciting a prayer and the harmonious Buddhist music and melodies. Meditating in the courtyard full of monks and pilgrims is a peaceful and refreshing experience.

Temples in Lumbini

4. Vietnam Phat Quoc Tu Temple

Situated in Lumbini, Vietnam Phat Quoc Tu Temple is one of the few attractions that represent the relationship between Vietnam and Nepal. A number of devotees visit this temple as a part of the pilgrimage for Gautam Buddha. With its facade flanked with artificial mountains and a grand roof, it is definitely worth a visit for those who are interested in Buddhism and are visiting Lumbini. The temple displays the true arts and architecture of the Vietnamese handicrafts.

Temples in Lumbini

5. Cambodian Monastery

Cambodian Monastery in Lumbini is an amalgamation of colorful fantasy and spiritual forces making it one of the most fascinating temples in the region. Built in an architectural design matching the famous Angot Wat, the charming monastery is surrounded by a square railing, each having four 50 meter green snakes. These snakes are the main attraction of the temple which has got the eye of the many arts lovers and inspirers. The large compound has an outer wall covered with beautiful and intricate designs. It also has the hall where many monks recite the prayers and devote their meditation to the Lord Gautam Buddha.

Temples in Lumbini

6. Sri Lankan Monastery

 Also known as Sri Lanka Temple, the monastery is a beautiful Sri Lankan Buddhist establishment that gives insights into the life of Gautama Buddha and its importance in the region. The grand monastery holds several important religious events and practices, especially those followed in Sri Lanka. These celebrations, events, and festivals may seem a little different than those followed in an ancient monastery in Lumbini. However, the motive and the teachings are almost the same. It also provides a sneak peek into the life of Gautama Buddha and emphasises on its evolution throughout time. The Sri Lankan Monastery in Lumbini is a perfect illustration of a system of spiritual belief bringing two countries closer. Those wanting to explore the association must visit the monastery.

Temples in Lumbini

The Sri Lankan Monastery is a Theravada Buddhist establishment dedicated to Sri Lanka. It is a striking monastery nestled in the East Monastic Zone of Lumbini which has a spherical raised platform with a traditional Pagoda on top. Underneath the Pagoda, is a beautiful golden idol of Lord Buddha seen seated in a meditating posture. This arrangement has a pathway that encircles the structure and provides an area for circumambulation. The site is extremely well maintained and peaceful enough to allow tourists to sit a moment in solitude.

7.  Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery

Royal Thai Monastery in Lumbini is an imposing and stunning wat-style (Thai Monastery style) monastery dedicated to Buddhist practices. The gleaming building is constructed from white marble and the blue-roofed meditation centre close by are an example of a fine architectural style. The beautiful designs and carving on the temple wall makes this place a must-visit. There are two other small temples in the territory of the area. It also consists of the prayer hall where many monks devote their meditation and prayers to the Lord Gautam Buddha. 

Temples in Lumbini

8. Great Drigung Lotus Stupa

The Great Drigung Lotus Stupa is one of the most religiously important Stupas in Lumbini and was built by the German Tara Foundation. The building consists of a hollow crown partly covered in glass which reveals the Buddha Statue inside. The historical significance of this building goes back centuries when the construction of this building was under the supervision and guidance of the Rinpoches. This Stupa is definitely worth a visit when in Lumbini.The domed ceiling of the Stupa is covered with Buddhist murals.  The gold, wood and carvings represent the beliefs and teachings of Buddha that spreads the message of peace and non-violence. Each year, this Supa sees a great number of congregations at Great Dridung Lotus Stupa where the Highness himself visits the place to spread the message of unity and peace. 

The Temples in Lumbini display their uniqueness and beauty with great religious and historical values. They have also helped to maintain the good relationship with the different countries and provide the opportunity to display their ancient arts and architectures.


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