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Taza Restaurant

Anisha Rauniyar July 15, 2020

At the point when we showed up at Taza, I was flabbergaste at how bustling. It was for a spot that has been open for only two months. The little, tidy eatery is done up in a splendidly bright stylistic theme of yellow and dark. Clients who were plainly effectively acquaint with the café, and realize what they needed, plunked down for their preferred dishes or request them to remove.

Everything look great and I was unable to hold back to attempt it. ‘Tazah” — I was amaze to learn it meant “fresh” in both Arabic and Nepali.


Shawarma Wraps are unquestionably one of the café’s mark dishes, and a success with clients. Delightful, gently spice chicken is gradually flame broil as it turns; the final product: delectable, addictive chomps of meat that structure the premise of the wrap. There are a few choices: cheddar, crisp, and hummus to names only a couple. I truly cherished this dish, it had a new, splendid taste from the additional vegetable. But then it was filling and fulfilling; it is an extraordinary speedy lunch or supper.

Notwithstanding, my total most loved at Taza must be the hummus. This flavorful mix of chickpeas (chana) and the sesame seed glue called tahini is currently accessible in a significant number eateries around town. This, in any case, was the best I’ve had here; it’s light and velvety, and the flavors are so completely adjust. That I simply need to eat increasingly more of it.

Gathered up with fragments of flatbread, it was completely charming to eat and was the feature of my feast. Taza additionally serves incredible falafel- – crunchy thus loaded with flavor that my feasting friend made some hard memories trusting it. Both the hummus and falafel are extraordinary vegan supper decisions, however they are acceptable to such an extent that I think you’ll appreciate them regardless of whether you for the most part lean toward meat.

A dish that I went after just because was the Chicken Toshka: dainty layers of chicken and cheddar between two rounds of flatbread, barbecued and served in sections. It was crunchy, appetizing and tasty. To me, this would make an ideal nibble at night with cold lager. It’s positively worth difficult on the off chance that you’ve never had it.

All the dishes I attempted were scrumptious, with tasty utilization of flavors that are surprising or elusive here in Nepal. They give an invite taste of something new. Bassel disclose to us that the fixings and flavors that help give that novel Middle Eastern flavor are totally import, as they are not accessible here. They have truly invest a great deal of energy here and work admirably at guaranteeing that the taste experience you get when you come to Taza is as near the first as could be expect under the circumstances. It’s noteworthy.

The menu contains different things, as well—Manakeesh, Mutabal and Suksseh, for instance. I’m inexperienced with everything and that will absolutely bring me back for another visit. Also, on the off chance that you love aubergine as much as I do, make a point to have the Baba Ghanouj when you come. On this visit, I was too full to even consider trying more dishes, yet I love the assortment that is offer and anticipate attempting new things next time.

  • Address: Lalitpur 44600
  • Contact: +9779860960177
  • Rating:
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