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Tasneem King’s Kitchen

Anisha Rauniyar July 20, 2020

Tasneem King’s Kitchen is the spot to go for a family supper on an end of the week. Named after the proprietor, Tasneem and her better half welcomed each table all through the night. Their enchanting aura in a split second caused us to feel at home.

Furthermore, Tasneem makes it a highlight change their menu at regular intervals, so there are in every case new and energizing dishes for your family to attempt.

tasneem&s kings kitchen

My family and I began the supper with Chicken Timur Tikka (Rs. 475). The chicken melts in your mouth and was hot, simply the manner in which I like it. For my vegan mother, we got veggie lover cutlets (Rs.300). This cutlet was sing till fresh outwardly, a pleasant commendation to the delicate rich pounded vegetables within. The two hors d’oeuvres were present with a side of mint plunging sauce.

Tasneem’s gives an assortment of lager, wine and alcohol, and you can likewise bring your own for Rs. 1000 for every jug. Despite the fact that my dad’s request for hot lemon with ginger accompanied sugar and nectar that he didn’t need, Tasneem’s better half actually got the substitution himself.

We proceeded onward to the (Boneless) Chicken Sheekh Biryani (Rs. 600), which was gently spice with liberal bits of chicken. It had the perfect measure of flavor for my companion, however I would have favored it with a touch more bean stew powder.

This ‘Nepali’ cordial dishes were not over spiced or too oily like most Indian nourishments, and they said they never utilize any food shading. My most loved was the Butter Garlic Naan (Rs.100), presumably the best naan in the zone. We requested extra. It went impeccably with Dal Tadka (Rs. 250), with a decent consistency to have as a soup or to dunk naan in. Everybody adored this.

My mom preferred the Paneer Makhani (Rs. 350) that was marginally sweet and smooth. Our last fundamental dish was Chicken Korma (Rs. 450), that looked custom made and was cooked to the preferring of my dad and companion. It tasted somewhat dull for me.

I think it is an affront to a stunning supper on the off chance that you don’t organization dessert. Tasneem suggested Kheer (Rs. 175) made Bombay-style, served chilled with sprinkles of almonds. It had an aftertaste like a bit of paradise with a trace of saffron. I guess individuals could share it however I don’t care for having more than one spoon in one sweet.

tasneem's kings

Tasneem’s additionally serves veggie lover and non-vegan combo snacks estimated from Rs.250 to Rs350. Takeaways are likewise accommodated a request for at least 10 people, permitting you to make the most of Tasneem’s food with certain companions in the event that you don’t want to cook.

My solitary annoyance about the eatery was the area of the bathroom. It was by the open air seating and you needed to stroll past various burger joints to arrive, which means everybody would know where you were going. It likewise didn’t have separate offices for people.


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