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Taragaon Museum

Anisha Rauniyar June 17, 2020

A short stroll from the Boudhanath Stupa and inside the premises of the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, stands the Taragaon Museum, initially implicit 1972 via Carl Pruscha and re-opened in March 2014.The Taragaon Museum looks to archive the 50 years of exploration and social legacy protection endeavors of remote craftsmen, picture takers, planners and anthropologists on the Kathmandu Valley during the second 50% of the twentieth century. The Museum exhibits the rebuilding and recovery endeavors to save the masterful and compositional legacy of Kathmandu.

taragaon museum

It was Mr. Arun Saraf’s vision to archive what visiting planners, specialists and researchers added to Nepal since the 1960s, after the “concealed valley” got available. The show means to comprise a tribute to the remarkable urban culture of the Kathmandu Valley. Mr. Saraf needed to grandstand the wealth and intricacy of the Kathmandu Valley’s legacy.

Design – Restoration and Rehabilitation:

Ms. Natasha Mittal Saraf began the reclamation undertaking to fix the structures at Taragaon to turn into the Taragaon Museum, intended to exhibit the conservation endeavors on the compositional legacy of the Kathmandu Valley and to re-reason to previous inn into a flourishing Center for Arts and Culture.

Taragaon is a special commitment to the compositional history of Nepal.

Rana design utilized white block dust mortar, and the estates of the 1950s utilized mortar with concrete coat, frequently kept dark to illustrate “advancement.”

Carl Pruscha’s extraordinary legitimacy is to have resuscitated the utilization of red confronting blocks. The planner was roused by the barrel-vaulted sanctuary structures along the Ghats, a style which he acquainted with Taragaon’s engineering.

Design consistently has “imported” components since engineering is basically transcultural in character. Newar design fused focal Asian and later Mughal components, and the Ranas went to Neo-Classicism. Guests from everywhere throughout the world acknowledge Carl Pruscha’s extraordinary commitment to the universe of design.

Changeless Collection:

Initially planned via Carl Pruscha in 1970 as the Taragon Hostel, the Museum today is a bunch of seven structures that structure an inside for the energy about Nepal’s creative and building history.

As of now on show at the historical center are eighteenth and nineteenth century photos, watercolors and inscriptions from the nineteenth century, modeler and craftsman portrays, maps, plans, drawings and different documentations of the assembled legacy of Nepal.

Taragaon plans to pull in those keen on the visual, imaginative portrayal of a culture. The shows at the Museum mean to set up exchange on the historical backdrop of the Kathmandu Valley and the social changes it has experienced.


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