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Tamur River Rafting

Anisha Rauniyar July 10, 2020

Tamur River arrange on the eastern piece of Nepal is know as the 6th biggest waterway in Nepal which is take care of by the waters of Kanchenjunga Mountain. It courses through a delightful and untainted valley most appropriate for those beam who require feeling of experience. Tamur River boating offers heavenly white water trip with roughly 130 rapids in 120 kms with gigantic Class IV and Class V rapids that guarantees quick activity and remarkable test. Tamur River is additionally suggest as an elating, dynamic, wilderness boating kayak trip.

tamur river raft

The Tamur River trek is a phenomenal blend of a trek through lovely open country, colossal points of view of mountain tops over 8,000 meter and a wonderful whitewater experience. The journey begins with a trip to Biratnagar, joined by a head to Hile and after that further on to Basantapur the next day. Getting our gathering of watchmen at Basantapur, we trek through old-fashioned greenery rhododendron woodlands. The outing goes through the wonderful, amazing sea shores for outdoors and a lot of regular life.

Itinerary for Tamur Raft

Day 1 – Kathmandu – Basantapur

The experience begins with a short yet picturesque departure from Kathmandu to Biratnagar in eastern Nepal. Stop for lunch and drive to the ridge town of Hile and overnight, at Basantapur. The drive from Hile to Basantapur is along an edge with great perspectives.

Day 2 – Basantapur

Appreciate the early morning hints of an ordinary Nepalese humble community showcase and if fortunate, a wonderful dawn. After breakfast, take a grand head over edges to another little settlement called Basantapur. This is a bustling little town from where the Nepalese watchmen stroll through rhododendron timberlands conveying the overwhelming pontoons to the stream’s placed in point.

Day 3-4 – Gopa Pokhara

Early morning breakfast is trail by a trek over a 10,000ft go over the holy Gopa Pokhara Lake that has wonderful perspectives on the eight-thousanders: Kanchenjunga, Makalu and the world’s most elevated, Mt. Everest. A stroll down terraced slopes prompts the Tamur waterway beneath.

Day 5

After the typical well being talk, the eagerly await stream trip starts and soon the absolute most testing white-water is experience. The stream run today is energizing as one fast prompts the following one after another. Later toward the evening, the time has come to set up camp and talk about the day’s occasions.

Day 6

On this day, persistent, incredible rapids are experience as the waterway moves through a profound gorge. It at that point widens out and little fishing towns are pass en route. Amusement comes as monkeys sneaking around along the stream banks. Camp is set up on one of those dazzling white sandy sea shores.

Day 7

Rest day and everybody is allow to spend it the manner in which he needs. The decisions are many: simply unwind, read, take a dip or partake in an empowering round of volleyball with the others. The setting is just delightful.

Day 8

Another simple day, yet with some white-water fun in the water.

Day 9: Sun Koshi

The ninth day brings a sensational change; gigantic waves welcome the vessel and the whitewater activity today is elating. Another ride through steep gully dividers guarantees there’s a lot of activity and the rapids continue coming. At last the waterway runs into the Sun Koshi River.

Day 10: Chatara

Today, watch the sun ascend over the slopes. At that point glide down to Chatara where the long experience at last reaches a conclusion.

Day 11: Kathmandu/Chitwan

Fly back to Kathmandu or drive to Chit-wan National Park for some safari.


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