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Corona Update Nepal

Tamu Losar

Anisha Rauniyar August 8, 2020

The Tamu, or Gurung, individuals of focal Nepal commend their new year. Every year on the open occasion called “Tamu Losar”. This is a period of incredible family social affairs, feasts, and cheerful social occasions. The occasion depends on neighborhood schedule frameworks. However will in general fall close to the furthest limit of December. Not a long way from Gregorian New Year’s Day.

tamu losar

The significant festival happens in Kathmandu and encompassing urban communities and towns on or almost 30 December. Which is the fifteenth day of the month “Poush” on the Gurung Calendar. This date is consider to check the finish of winter and the start of spring in Nepal.

The fundamental social occasions incorporate bright processions, tunes and move, shows of cleverness and abilities. The utilization of tasty bubbly nourishments like rice-flour doughnuts and “achaar”, a sort of hot and hot pickle. Food slows down line the roads in Kathmandu and different areas for three days on end. Everybody experiences conventional dishes from around different locales and from various families.

Photo: ashesh.com.np

Many keep on celebrating for an entire week at home, in any event. When the official occasions have finish, and it isn’t unexpect to keep awake and outside every day till the stars can be found in the night sky.


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