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Abhishek Subedi July 9, 2020

Sworgadwari is one of the religious and major pilgrimage sites of Nepal. This sacred place is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. It is one of the holy places of Nepal that has been mentioned in the Mahabharat . The name Sworgadwari is a combination of two words. They are “Swarga” which means heaven and “Dwar” means door. It is a crucial journey site for the Hindus. Sworgadwari is additionally well known for the Vedic Yagyan set up by Swami Shree Hansananda Giri Sworgadwari Mahaprabhu. It is an absolute necessity to see the goal for Hindu pioneers. There is the Sworgadwari sanctuary. Many trusts that the Swargadwari Guru Maharaj was an incarnation of God. Legend has it that the ruler of all gods; Indra, had additionally played out a Yagyan in Satya Yuga at this place. 


This religious site is mainly packed with the devotees from Nepal as well as neighboring country India. The spiritual energy surrounds this place, so the devotees who visit here feel the different energy at the temple premises.  It is believed that those who visit this temple can get rid of their sins and have a prosperous and happy life. Thousands of pilgrims visit this holy temple every year and it is one of the major religious sites for the Hindus.  On the way to the Sworgadwari, there is a beautiful village called Masina Gaun.  

Location of Sworgadwari

Swargadwari is located in the Pyuthan District. The temple is situated in the western region of Nepal at the altitude of 6960 feet above sea level. This is the hilltop temple complex.It is about 30 kilometer off-road drive from Charali. You have to travel to the southern part of the Pyuthan district.The visitors are suggested to take the jeep ride from Chariali as the road is bumpy and narrow. Throughout the journey you will be accompanied by the beautiful and stunning views of the hills, river valleys, ponds, small waterfalls, farmlands and mountains. On the way, there are spectacular views of Dang Valley and their various kinds of land, culture and their lifestyle as well. 

History of Sworgadwari

Sworgadwari is said to have been founded by Guru Maharaj Narayan Khatri (Swami Hamsananda ) who spent most of his life in the vicinity herding and milking thousands of cows.  Cows are worshipped as Goddess in Hinduism. According to traditional stories, some of his devotees followed him to see where he took the cows, but they never could find him. According to older people of the locality, he came from Rolpa to the present temple site and asked the landlord to donate the land to him.

He dug the land and obtained curd mixed rice and fire. He had explained that these things were those buried by Pandavas in Dwapar Yuga When they worshipped in this place before departing to heaven. The landlord was astonished. He agreed to hand over the land instantly. Thereafter the holy fire is burning continuously till then. Bivat (ash) of the firewood burnt by the holy fire is believed to cure different physical disorders like headache, stomach ache etc.

Before he left the physical body the guru gave some of his powers to a few disciples. On the day he departed his physical body by his own wish, a number of people gathered around him at the place where he habitually meditated. The Guru left his body after bidding goodbye to his disciples and other followers. His favourite cow also died at the same instant, and then the rest of the cows miraculously disappeared within a few days. There is also an account of the cows emptying their milk by themselves every day at the same time, at the place where the Guru died.

About The Guru

He had done many miracles during his lifetime. Once he asked Rolpali cowherds not to take the cattle in a particular area for grazing warning them of landslides in that area. But they refused and were swept by the landslide. He used to tell the fortune of the devotees. He so much helped the poor to build their house. The Guru managed to teach Vedic scriptures and other religious scriptures to the children. They may perform Vedic worshipping in the temple after study. But, doing this is not a compulsion after study.

Sworgadwari is counted among Nepal’s top pilgrimage sites and is listed in a national inventory of cultural and historic heritage sites. 

Pilgrimage Tour in Sworgadwari

Day 1 Drive from Kathmandu to Dang

While you will be having breakfast, than transfer from Kathmandu to Gorahi which is very memorable journey. That will gives you the inspiration to your aim to homage to pay the lord of way of Heaven. Which will takes about 7 to 8 hours driving distance to reach in Gorahi. Overnight stay at Gorahi. 

Day 2 Ghorahi to Masina Gaun to Sworgadwari

After having your breakfast, you will be walking up to the Swargadwari temple which will be very encouraging for you to go up to the hills. While on the way to swargadawari there is a place known as ”masina Gaun” . Surrounding over the masina Gaun and having lunch over the side. After your lunch you will be walking up to the Swargadwari which will be a very interesting trip with the views of the Dang valley and their different kinds of diversity of the land, culture, and their lifestyle as well. It takes about a full day to go up to the swargadwari. Evening “Satang Program” with their own. It gives us motivation for our life cycle as well. Overnight stay at “Ashram”.

Day 3 Sworgadwari to Ghorahi

Morning, you will be praying or do “Special Puja by your own ” and have got more confident. And god bless you all times, days to come wherever you want to be. And walking down to the Ghorahi Bazar. If you are walking quite fast then you will have a chance to see the Gorahi Bazaar and all the places to visit on the same day. Overnight stay at Gorahi.


Day 4 Drive from Kathmandu to Ghorahi

You will drive back to the Kathmandu Valley. Throughout the whole journey you will be accompanied by the beautiful and stunning views of the hills, river valleys, farmlands and villages.

The temple of the Swargadwari is in the shape of pagoda style. The main shrines of the temple contain the scripture of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. It is mostly crowded with the pilgrims on the day of the Baisakh Purnima and Kartik Purnima. So you can witness the mainly people go on a pilgrimage tour. Here on the month of the Baisakh and Kartik according to the Lunar Calendar. There is a belief that if you pray with the pure soul here. The Lords will grant your wish and wash away your sins. Most devotees came here to depart the soul of their deceased relatives also.


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