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Suryabinayak Temple

Abhishek Subedi May 18, 2020

Suryabinayak temple is the Hindu temple of the Lord Ganesh located in the southern  part of the valley about 2 kilometres from the city  in the Bhaktapur district. It is on the top of the hill in the forest. We have to climb some steps to  reach the temple. The temple is in Sipadol and is surrounded by trees. Though the main shrine of the temple is small. It is one of the most beautiful temple of  lord Ganesh in Kathmandu valley as the location has added extra beauty to the temple. The open area is bounded by smell of fresh air and incense sticks.  It is a holy place many devotees visit this temple to offer their praying. The temple is mostly crowded on Tuesday. Tuesday is the day of the week known as the day of the Lord Ganesh. Many devotees fast on the Tuesday of every week and visit here to offer their praying.

History of Suryabinayak temple

The temple is believed to be very old Ganesh temple. It have been originally built over 1500 years ago during the Lichhavi period by the king Vishnu Dev Barma. The temple is known to be the temple of the rising sun. Also the people believed that all our pain, sorrows and sufferings would pass away if we pray with the clean mind and soul. Not only the temple has its cultural and religious value but also the nature surrounding the temple has its own natural value. The temple is the one of the four popular temple of Lord Ganesh in Kathmandu valley. The devotees of this temple mostly consist of the parents with their ill children. As this form of Ganesh is known as the curing god , especially for deaf and dumb children.

suryabinayak temple

We can get there from the public transportations. Vehicle run from the both new and old bus parks. Also we have to walk from the stop to the destination. Or we can hail the cab and directly reach to the destination.

  • Highest Elevation: 1400m


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