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Surma Sarovar Trekking

Anisha Rauniyar July 11, 2020

Until 10 years prior or thereabouts, Nepal use to be a sanctuary for outdoors trek. With the development of streets, trekking trails began getting shorter. Additionally with provisions coming closer, local people began putting resources into lodgings and hotels. This urged trekking administrators to plan their schedule dependent on teahouses and little cabins which was valuable for the two sides. Be that as it may, trekkers searching for outrageous experience were baffle. In any case, it is acceptable to take note of that outdoors trek despite everything exists in the far western Nepal. ‘Surma Sarovar’, arranged in Bajhang area, is one such spot where one can appreciate wild experience. Surma Sarovar Trekking takes you to all encompassing however similarly audacious excursion of western Nepal. It offers delightful perspective on Holy Lake, immense prairies and a lot of vegetation and fauna.

surma sarovar

This sacred lake, arrange at an elevation of 4333m, is otherwise called Mini Kailash for Hindus. The spot offers stunning perspectives on mountains tops like Jethi Bahurani. Rough structures, tremendous fields, and wonderful lakes are the significant attractions of the zone. As you have to cross a high go of 4859 meters to arrive at this spot, trekkers should be wary of high height infection.

The territory is wealthy in widely vary vegetation as delightful wild blossoms, toxic blossoms/plants, spices/flavors are discover bounty here. Thus, creature species like little wild Bear and yelping deer and various sorts of birds. Including the Himalayan Monal are a typical sight in this spot. Social attractions like Deuda, Fag and Magal are the in addition to purpose of this trek. Also, you can encounter one of a kind culture and convention of the nearby individuals, and taste their customary foods. Their language and clothing is likewise novel. In spite of the fact that there are different alternatives to reach Surma Sarovar, we are introducing you a 15-day schedule by methods for which you can appreciate this trek without limit.

Itinerary for Surma Sarovar

Day 1 : Kathmandu-Dhangadi

The day starts with around 1:15 minutes trip to Dhangadi from Kathmandu. In spite of the fact that customary transport administration to Dhangadhi is accessible from Kathmandu, it will broaden your agenda by two days. The flight offers breathtaking mountain sees in the south and plain landscapes in the south. Dhangadhi is the business center point of the far-western improvement locale having quality lodgings, cabins and diners, among others. You can likewise do a very late shopping here.

Day 2 : Dhangadi – Bhadya (Bajhang)

From Dhangadi, a drive of around nine hours in a private mentor will take you to Bhadya (1102 meters) — a modest community in Bajhang locale. In transit, you reach Dadeldhura — a well known slope station in the district where you take your lunch. Dadeldhura offers your lovely perspectives on slopes, streams and settlements down in the valley. You can make refueling breaks at Bithad, Khopde and Sribhawor for tea and light tidbits. At Badhya, you can remain in tea houses or camps. The decision is yours.

Day 3 : Bhadya – Mumla (Jayaprithavinagar)

Trekking begins from Badhya. A trek of around five hours will take you to the town of Mumla (2171m) — your goal for the afternoon. You stroll through towns and wildernesses, encountering neighborhood culture and custom and getting a sight of various winged animals and creatures in the event that you are fortunate. Mumla is the old neighborhood of a renowned helpful — the late King Jaya Prithvi Bahadur Singh. The region has been named Jayaprithvinagar in his respect. You can see survives from his royal residence at Mumla. Satywadi School — the most seasoned school of Bajhang — could be another fascination for you. You can discover least offices like wellbeing post and tea houses here. Trekkers can gather nearby vegetables, occasional products of the soil nourishments in this little commercial center.

Day 4 : Jayaprithavinagar-Thakule Danda

The present goal is Thakule Danda which lies at a stroll of five hours from Mumla. The path goes through delightful pasturelands privately known as Bhainsi Kharka or the wild ox pastureland. It’s a despite everything stroll to Thakule Danda (3364m) from here you can see the environmental factors and feel the cool wind. It is probably the best spot in the regions to watch dawn and nightfall. It additionally offers excellent perspectives on mountains and towns.

Day 5 : Thakule Danda – Dau Tal

The trek starts with a stroll through wilderness, crossing a little stream on an engineered overpass to reach Saingaun. From that point, you reach Thakundanda by means of Bauligaad. Thakundanda town is further developed than different towns in the region. There are excellent houses, fashionable individuals and agreeable tea houses. Dau Tal Lake (2260m) offers great campgrounds. Local people accept the lake has a place with Goddess Surma. Convenience is on risen camps on the shores of Dau Tal Lake.

Day 6 : Dau TaI-Dhanteli

The present stroll to Dhanteli (3623m) is of around four hours. After a stroll of around one and half hours from Dau Tal, you arrive at a little settlement called Nauli. You can see many spices authorities here during the gather season. There is a little campground in Dhanteli adequate for just around 10 people. The campground offers lovely perspectives on dawn and distinctive mountain tops.

Day 7 : Dhanteli-Jaljala

This will be a relatively troublesome day. The path goes through high bluffs and limited passes which makes the excursion exciting. Solid breeze, fog and haze makes the stroll to Buddha Binayak (4500m) troublesome. Be that as it may, all encompassing perspective on various mountain tops remove our sluggishness. Jaljala, our goal of the day, is a level prairie with great water offices.

Day 8 : Jaljala – Surmasarowar-Niksari Patan

The rough substance of Chande Shikhar (4859m) – takes a gander at your all through the trek. Climbing in the first part of the day can be intriguing given that climate condition is acceptable. It is hard to cross the 4849-meter pass. In any case, the inclination in the wake of intersection the pass is thrilling. After a stroll of about 30 minutes from here through the Saipal extend, you arrive at your goal — Surma Sarovar (4333m)

Day 9 : Rest Day at Surmasarowar

An entire day is expected to investigate Surma Sarowar and its environmental factors. Promptly in the first part of the day, you can appreciate wonderful perspective on Jethi Bahurani and numerous different pinnacles. You can even ascension a lot of little tops in the zone. Large meadows, wild blossoms, wetlands, mountain sees, and the blessed lake itself are the significant attractions of the territory. It appears that Surma Devi made this Garden of Heaven for herself. Surmasarowar is encircled by various types of vegetation. Restorative spices like Himalayan Viagra (Yarcha Gumba), HattaJadi, Panchaunle, Padamchal are found in wealth here. Nearby individuals crowd the territory during harvest season as these restorative spices is one of the significant wellsprings of pay age for neighborhood individuals.

Day 10 : Niksari Patan-Afre Gufa

A stroll of around four and half hours from Niksari Patan along the Sunigad River will take you to Afre Gufa (3190m). The path goes through fields and forestland. The significant fascination in Afre Gufa is a profound cavern where you will go through the night. This two-celebrated cavern is likewise the mainstream campground of spice gatherers and travelers. Mumbling Sunigad River will make your night charming. Over the stream, you can see thick pine woods.

Day 11 : Afre Gufa – Raja Ko Pal Halne

You come back to progress today. A stroll of around seven hours from Afre Gufa assumes you to a position called Raja ko Pal Halne (2662m) where you can discover some tea houses. The path is loaded with good and bad times. Be that as it may, you can get looks at wild bear, yelping dear, blue sheep and various types of fowls. Raja Ko Pal Halne implies the campground of the lord. Previously, King Jaya Prithvi Bahdur Singh used to camp here while heading out to the spot. He made numerous campgrounds for individuals who used to go through this course for exchange with Tibetans by means of the Urai pass. It was additionally a well known course for Mansarovar journey before.

Day 12 : Raja Ko Pal Halne Swil

A stroll of around six hours from Raja Ko Pal Hanle will take you to Swil (1958m). The path goes through bison sheds in the prairies and lovely towns. You can see a little restorative spice preparing focus in transit. This inside gathers restorative spices gathered by local people. Swil is a little villa of around 25 houses. The vast majority of the locals are engaged with cultivating

Day 13 : Swil – Sunigadh Chainpur

You arrive at a town of Sunigadh following a stroll of three hours from $il. Sunigadh is a neighborhood intersection for dealers. From here, you can mastermind a jeep to Bajhang area central command Chainpur (1223m). There are acceptable inns in Chainpur which lies in the juncture of Seti and Bauli Khola waterways. Here, you can appreciate various rarities made of new water fish.

Day 14 : Chainpur – Dhangadi

A nine hour drive from Chainpur will take you to Dhangadhi. There are acceptable inns in Dhangadhi where you can unwind and recall your experience venture.

Day 15 : Dhangadi-Kathmandu

A trip of somewhat more than an hour take you to Kathmandu. You can likewise take transports to Kathmandu vhich for the most part take 13-14 hours.


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