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Summer Holiday in Nepal

Abhishek Subedi July 25, 2020

Summer is great as travelers have a lot more of daylight to explore new places. Tans will eventually fade away but memories won’t. From watching orange sunsets to admiring the cool breeze on a cloudless day, summer has its own way of casting a spell on everyone. However, like everything else in life, it too has a few shortcomings. For instance, sweltering heat and dripping sweat. However, in Nepal, luckily, summer isn’t very harsh like everywhere else. The summer months stretch from May to August, with temperature rising to 35 degrees on a very, very hot day. Although autumn and spring are the peak seasons for tourist arrivals, summer has its own distinctive character and appeal, making it very worthy for a visit. 

A season of bright orange days for icy fresh lemonades, ice-crème, and colorful dresses, summer has its own way of casting every single creature under a gleeful spell. But the depressing part about the season is the intense heat that can sometimes be really physically devitalizing. Nepal, however, happens to be one of the finest places to visit during summer. Its geographical position makes summer pleasant and warm allowing you to enjoy every bit of the natural beauty conjured only by the season.

1. Kathmandu

Since the country’s only international airport is in Kathmandu, virtually all travel journeys commence from here. Kathmandu isn’t just the administrative capital of Nepal but also the cultural capital. It is one of the greatest cities of the Himalayans. A unique survival ground of all cultural practices that died out a thousand years ago in Indian subcontinent. It is a carnival of cultures, traditions, and histories that are seamlessly engraved and entwined. It is the hotbed of communist revolution and an epitome of a failed democracy. The truth is that this city will never fail to shock you. This City of Temples is also home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites and thousand others that failed to make the cut but are equally historical and ancient. There is an endless list of places to visit and things to see in Kathmandu.

Summer Holiday in Nepal

Apart from historical and cultural sites, the valley has several religious sites- Pashupatinath Temple, Swoyumbunath Temple, and Boudhanath Temple being the most popular ones. Every year, thousands of Hindu and Buddhist tourists from all over the world travel to Nepal to visit these sites. The valley also happens to be the most developed part of the country. There are several malls, shopping streets, restaurants, cafes, pubs and other such recreational sites built for you to probably sip a morning coffee or an evening beer while enjoying the view of the hills that surrounds that entire city or the setting sun.

2. Pokhara

Pokhara ticks all right boxes, from luxurious accommodation and food to stunning view of the Himalayans and serene lakes from the terrace top. With frequent rainfalls, summer is considerably cool in Pokhara. This Lake City has its own microclimate. The laidback charm of Pokhara has helped it reign as the number one tourist destination in Nepal for decades. Here, you can choose from a plethora of adventure sports to undertake. Soaring like an eagle on a paragliders or rafting all the way south to Chitwan, you can do anything. And on rainy days, you can visit the Mountain Museum, Annapurna Butterfly Museum, Planetarium and Science Centre, or just go spell some cash at the mall.

Summer Holiday in Nepal

People go to Pokhara on a family trip or with friends for some wild experiences. It has several family restaurants and hotels and well as bars, pubs and clubs. A must-to-try activity of the city is boating in the Fewa Lake. The experience is a scenic one through green hills and glorious mountain views. You can even boat to Tal Barahi temple built on a small island of the lake. The lakeside also has several other recreational places for you to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery over small talks with your loved ones. The city also has few waterfall sites, caves, hills on the outskirts to climb, and Buddhist monasteries. There is just so much to do in the city making it quite impossible to list everything down.

3. Nagarkot

Nagarkot, the premier hill station of Nepal, is located just 32 kilometers away from Kathmandu. It is a wee distance away from the city borders, into the heart of the Nepalese countryside. This quaint hilltop town is mostly famous for its spectacular views of mountains. You can see peaks ranging from the mighty Everest in east to the stunning Dhaulagiri in the west. Moreover, the sunrise and sunsets views, as the sunlight paints the mountain red, are other noteworthy highlights of Nagarkot. You can comfortably reach Nagarkot on a four-wheeler, get there on a dirt bike, or even hike all the way from Bhaktapur it is also the best trekking summer destinations in Nepal.. There is also a plethora of hotels ranging from moderate, economic ones to high-end, luxurious resorts.

Summer Holiday in Nepal

4. Jiri

Jiri also known as the Switzerland of Nepal. It is the timeless gateway to the Everest. Since it is the closest road head to the Everest region, several treks into the Khumbu region commences from Jiri. A good 184 kilometers away from the capital, it will take an 8 hour long bus ride from Kathmandu to get there. From here, you can have excellent views of notable central peaks like Dorje Lakpa, Langtang Lirung, and Ganesh Himal as well as the Everest. A popular stop for trekkers, Jiri boasts of a great number of teahouses and hotels that offer all kind of standard, basic amenities.

5. Mustang

Mustang is the quintessential Himalayan Shangri-La. Located to the north of the Himalayans, this mountain kingdom lies in the shadow of the majestic Dhaulagiri, receiving little to no rain. Thus, it is the perfect alpine destination to travel in summertime, which is often accompanied by rainfall. The weather is warmer and the visibility is clearer. You can have some of the best views of the mountains that loom behind your back like they’re just a few hundred meters far from you. Since the weather is far more forgiving, you can even trek all the way up to Upper Mustang, cross the Thorung La and reach Manang. The opportunities are endless.

Summer Holiday in Nepal

6. Dolpo

One of the most remote areas of Nepal, Dolpo is a remarkable place with pristine mountain views, rich and diverse flora and fauna and a home to some of the most exquisite wildlife inhabitants. This place does not see many visitors and hence the place is less trodden giving you the ultimate experience of nature in its purest form. It is situated in the Phoksundo National Park of mid-western Nepal.  Recently, Dolpo is growing in popularity amongst the trekker for the mountain views in has to offers. Visiting Dolpo will expose you to certain kind of culture and lifestyle, defined by its richness and yet so simple; nothing like you have seen before. The local inhabitants are very friendly. This arcane land with major parts still left to be explored gives you the summer.


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