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Sonam Losar

Anisha Rauniyar August 8, 2020

It is watch for an entire 15 days, however just the initial three days get over the top consideration. Sonam Losar happens around a similar season as does Chinese and Mongolian New Year. It utilizes the Chinese Calendar also.

In all actuality, the focal zone where Sonam Losar is praise is Tibet. Yet certain ethnic gatherings in Nepal, especially the Tamang, likewise keep it. The Tamang establish eight percent of Nepal’s populace, are 90 percent Buddhist, and have a particular language and culture. They generally live in the focal good countries of Nepal, remembering for the capital city of Kathmandu. Be that as it may, Tamang have now migrated to all districts of Nepal. To neighboring regions of northern India, to Bhutan, and to Burma.

sonam losar
Photo: https://www.anepaltrek.com/

In Nepal, Sonam Losar falls on the principal new moon of the month called “Magh,” . Which lands it anyplace from early January to mid-February. Note that the individuals who observe Sonam Losar in Nepal. Likewise watch the 12 creature images related with specific years, as do the Chinese. They will regularly append centrality to whether it is the time of the rodent, bull, tiger, bunny, mythical beast, snake, horse, goat, monkey, chicken, canine, or hog.

The Tamang start to plan for Sonam Losar on the last day of the twelfth month. They clean their homes and attempt to get in the outlook of “inviting the new year.” Buddhist religious communities will perform customs that incorporate covered moves, which should drive away “powers of pessimism.” Many individuals go to cloisters, sanctuaries, and holy places to participate in different services on “Sonam Losar Eve”.

The celebrants will likewise purchase new garments and wear them on New Year’s Day. They will enliven their homes also, as though wearing them in new clothing. At the point when they clear out their homes, they state it serves to “clear away sick fortune.” When they enhance their entryways and windows with shade paper and fabric, they print on them subjects of “good karma,” “long life,” and “satisfaction.” Finally, families assemble to appreciate a happy supper, where pork, duck, chicken, and different sweet treats are served.

Sonam Lhosar:The Festival of Tamang

Three exercises for sightseers to participate in if in Nepal during Sonam Losar are as per the following:

Go to Nepalese melodic exhibitions. The Tamang are well know for their music, and you can discover both authority shows and road exhibitions. Search for their well known conventional drum, called the “damfu.” It is little, round, and secured with goat’s skin on one side. You will see 32 little bamboo sticks are utilize in its development. Likewise tune in for Tamang tunes, know as “Tamang selo.”. These tunes are renown for being clever and hilarious yet additionally for communicating the “profound philosophical importance of life” .They have gotten mainstream with all Nepalese, not just with the Tamang.

Go to the significant Soman Losar festivity in Tudikhel, an open grounds in Kathmandu where numerous Tamang assemble every year. There are numerous occasions, including challenges of aptitude, dramatizations, and blowouts. You will see the Tamang in their customary attire, adornments, and caps.

Visit the National Museum of Nepal, situated in Kathmandu. It is the biggest historical center in the nation and relates the history, workmanship, and societies of Nepal through various displays. There are ancient rarities identify with wars once battle in Nepal, to nearby plants and creatures, and to the way of life of Nepal’s various people groups. Search for shows identified with the Tamang, yet you will see the entire area of Nepalese culture.

Anybody visiting Nepal around the hour of Sonam Losar will discover numerous occasions praising this occasion to join in. Specifically, it will be a decent an ideal opportunity to learn of the Tamang individuals, for whom Sonam Losar is vital. While in the nation, be that as it may, one can likewise learn of the way of life and history of Nepal when all is said in done.


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