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Corona Update Nepal


Subash Shrestha March 17, 2020

As being a place where one can enjoy the mesmerising, cool and crystal clear natural swimming pool, Sisneri has been a popular destination among youngsters. With the astonishing nature’s panoramic views, roads, the up and downhills and some other popular places before reaching the destination makes the journey absolutely adventurous. Sisneri is located in Makwanpur district with approximately 33 kms away from Kathmandu city. It is on the way to kulekhani with the elevation of 1479 meters. This place is surrounded by the greenery and compelling hills and the main attraction of this place is the crystal clear water pool originated by nature itself with the water flowing down from the top of the hill. The water in the pool is so clear that one can see the surface below and small fishes inside the pool. With those big rocks beside the pool, people can dive from it.

One can get perfect photo shots with amazing water flow behind defining nature’s beauty. To get into the pool, Nrs 50 has to be paid per person. There’s separate changing room for male and female. The water level in the pool varies in the seasons. During rainy season, water level rises. But it’s Summer where the crowd is more. People come to chill out and relax in the cool water during Summer. Being surrounded by hills, the cool weather and the views are compelling. So, to get to the destination, no local vehicles are available. One has to get there with personal vehicle. On the way to Sisneri, there are some other places like :

  • Chovar
  • Pharping
  • Dakshinkali Temple

To reach Sisneri, there are two ways from Kathmandu valley :

  • Dakshinkali road (Commonly used) Or
  • From Bungamati( in Bhaisipati).

But has quite narrower and rough way. The ride is of about 3-4 hours (bike). One has to go through Balkhu (if he/she is inside Kathmandu city), then to Chovar, Pharping, Dakshinkali and finally Sisneri bazar. From the bazar, it takes about 15 minutes to reach the natural swimming pool after crossing a river flowing beside the bazar. The journey is of both off and on-road experience. The road is black topped until we reach Dakshinkali Temple and the road after there, starts off road experience with gravels and rocks. The ride becomes bumpy ride yet adventurous. About the food and hotels, there are some small tea shops and fast food in Sisneri bazar. On the way to Sisneri bazar, there lies a resort named CHAIMALE RESORT. One can get one night stay room after enjoying in the natural water pool or can return back home. One must have to visit this place so as to get experience wonderful environment with lots of ups and down making the journey worth traveling.


  • Get yourself fully geared ( if riding in bikes)
  • Some workshops are in Sisneri bazar or before crossing Dakshinkali Temple. So carry toolbox if in case.
  • Wear mask or helmet for back seaters(bike).
  • Highest Elevation: 1734m
  • Lowest Elevation: 1457m
  • Population: 2,826


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