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Sindhuli – Places to visit

Anisha Rauniyar May 9, 2020

Sindhuli gadhi

Sindhuli gadhi occupies a remarkable place in the history of Nepal. It is the oldest fort where the Gurkha soldiers fought over the British Empire soldiers in 1767. Today, thus, this fort serves as a sign of the courage of the Nepalese troops.

Sindhuli Gadhi is situated about 20 km east of Sindhuli Madi, the headquarters of the district, and about 150 km from Kathmandu. If you’re coming from Kathmandu, you’ve got to go uphill from Khurkot, around the same size. The path is blacktop straight up to the old castle, which is 4.648 ft above sea level.

The fort has also recently introduced amenities such as a decent road leading to the fort and safe drinking water to render it a big tourist destination, said Khadga Bahadur Khatri, Mayor of the Municipality of Kamalamai

Selfie Hill

When the walls of social media started to sprinkle with selfies, Sindhuli took the trend one stage further: he christened the hill after it, the hill of selfie. No wonder the hill has drawn selfie aficionados ever since. According to Chet Bahadur Magar, a native, there is a flat field near the bhanjyang, overlooking the serpentine path and the rolling hills. Those traveling along the path were gradually seen halting their cars, charm by the stunning scenery, to take photographs. And over time, that’s how the hill came to earn its name — selfie danda.

Bhadrakali Temple

It is located neighboring Dhungre Bhanjyang, surrounded by thick forests. Legend has it that the Bhadrakali temple in Kathmandu is the branch of this shrine. The temple is famous for rituals of animal sacrifice. The temple built during the war between the Gurkha soldiers and the British troops of the 18th century. According to Chhatra Bahadur Shrestha, a local, many stone inscriptions have recently been uncovered from the temple. The anniversary of the annual triumph of the war starts after worshiping the Bhadrakali goddess in the temple.

The serpentine road

The road along the BP Highway is a miracle in itself. The highway, designed with the support of the Japanese government, looks serpentine, particularly from Pipal Bhanjyang to Dhungre Bhanjyang, and awe-inspiring. Lately, the road attracted not only curious visitors, but also ambitious film crews looking to find the perfect shot on the road. The path is surround by green woods, further adding to the cause of the Nepalese filmmakers. “It’s great that the path itself has become a tourist attraction,” said Ishwar Basnet, professor at the Sindhuli Multiple Campus.

Bhadrakali Group Homestay

 After you’ve made a journey across Sindhuli, you won’t have to travel too far to get a nice meal and rest. You will be accept by the Bhadrakali Group Homestay in Dhungre Bhanjyang. Homestay provides healthy food and lodging at a low cost pace. It stocks local food such as fried corn, gundruk and local chicken curry, among others. Homestay situates a few kilometers away from Sindhuli Gadhi.

  • Highest Elevation: 1980m
  • Lowest Elevation: 361m
  • Population: 296,192


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