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Siddha Gufa

Anisha Rauniyar May 16, 2020

Siddha Gufa is a Cave in Bandipur at 437m profound and 50m tall. Siddha Gufa is said to be the biggest cave in Nepal. Its cathedral-like insides is full of stalactites and stalagmites, not to specify hundreds of bats, which shriek overhead. Trekking here and back from Bandipur could be a prevalent (in the event that sloppy) half-day trip, counting a 1½-hour climb each way. Consider enlisting a guide from Bandipur’s Traveler Data Middle. On the other hand, you’ll climb up to the cave from Bimalnagar .On the Prithvi Highway, which as it were takes 45 minutes.

siddha gufa

It’s fair over 300 meters over Prithvi Thruway, and it’s clearly signposted, but left but for those who walk down from Bandipu. A more cleverly and less strenuous interest. Those individuals who come from Bandipur are few. Be that as it may, as this cave appears to be a auxiliary choice to unwinding within the town. Muscles maturing in all the lactic corrosive pumping through them from the walk up. The thought of inclining down a cavernous gap does not appeal—cooler climes does, however.

From Bandipur, take after the signs beginning from the north conclusion of the town. These take you along a soil way running north over the edge of the edge, turning right at the self-evident intersection. The stone way is dangerous, so intellect your step. Obligatory guides (Rs 200) anticipate you at the cave’s entrance. Lights (electric lamps) are moreover accessible for enlist.

Most drive the street up to the most bazaar, few journey their way up. Most outsiders are back from Himalayan treks, looking to loosen up and let their bodies recoup. The days begin early, and they wrap up early as well.  Individuals journey to the beat of the town, to the seeing point, to muse at the massifs for a last time, and they head back to the Valley. The cave, be that as it may, feels generally untouched by tourism.

  • Highest Elevation: 902m
  • Lowest Elevation: 788m


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