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Shobha Bhagwati

Anisha Rauniyar June 11, 2020

For Hindus, 32 lachin is a characteristic that holds extraordinary criticalness . It is be lieved that there are 32 credits to flawlessness, accentuated for the most part on ladies, prompting thriving and karma. The name ‘Shobha’, in similar respects, signifies ‘brightness’ (got from Sanskrit) or somebody offered with ’32 lachin.’ As the name recommends, Shobha Bhagwati, is accepted to be a goddess of flawlessness and splendor.

One of the legends of the Shobha Bhagwati sanctuary says that the spot was secured with thick backwoods before it was developed, and that a specific spot in the woodland, a spot made out of not many stones, emanated huge light. Close by inhabitants came and loved the site and called it “shobha” alluding to the light or ‘splendor’. The Bishnumati waterway by the side of the sanctuary was viewed as ‘Baytaal’, the goddess’ defender or gatekeeper, and enthusiasts washed the goddess from its water (jaal). It was later, at some point somewhere in the range of 1000 and 1050 of the Kaligat Sambat (period), that sovereign Navasagar set up the goddess’ godlike object and developed the sanctuary. It is likewise accepted that the goddess Palanchowk Bhagwati, Naxal Bhagwati and Shobha Bhagwati are sisters, with Palanchowk Bhagwati being the oldest. The craftsman who made icons of all the three Bhagwati was said to have had his hands cut off after the fruition of his work, consequently rendered unfit to outperform this specific creation.

shobha bhagwati

The goddess Shobha Bhagwati is viewed as exceptionally incredible in satisfying the desires of her aficionados. The sanctuary is a three-layered structure with copper rooftop, and has all the types of Durga cherished in the sanctuary’s fringe. Unmistakable gods, for example, Agala Mukhi, Bagala Mukhi and Jwala Mukhi are put inside the body of the principle goddess. Enthusiasts crowd the sanctuary during Dasain and penance creatures on ‘Nawami’, the ninth day of Dasain. Among the conciliatory creatures are water bison, goats, ducks, hens and mountain goats (called chyangra).

The penance comprising of every one of these creatures is called ‘pancha bali’ (five penances), which is considered incredibly ground-breaking. Aside from Dasain, the day of Bala Chaturdarshi on the fourteenth day of the lunar fortnight is praised with a multi day long jatra (celebration). It remembers the centrality of eight gods accepted to have been separated

during different ceremonies. These gods are brought to the Shobha Bhagwati sanctuary from their unique site with magnificence and came back with a similar loftiness the next day. Gyani Guruju is the official cleric of the Shobha Bhagwati sanctuary, whose family has been playing out its ceremonies for the last four ages.


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