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Seti Gandaki

Anisha Rauniyar May 24, 2020

There are a plenty of things that should be possible in the Pokhara valley. Many decide to invest their energy by visiting the swarmed and well known areas like the Phewa Lake, Tal Barahi Mandir, and the World Harmony Pagoda. Individuals appear to overlook the way that there are other common offices here, which merit a visit. No, we are not discussing Rupa and Begnas Lakes, We are discussing the Glaring issue at hand, the life saver of Pokhara, the lovely and quiet ‘Seti Gandaki Stream’.

The waterway winds its way down the very center of the city, and you’ll feel express riddle when the thundering waters enter dull expanding openings. The waterway evaporates underground just to return later at different pieces of Pokhara. To the basic eye, it is a type of enchantment that can’t be clarified, however in any event, for the prepared eye, it is difficult to isolate reality from fiction. On the off chance that you need to see this regular wonder without anyone else, at that point you should visit Seti Gandaki Stream.

seti gandaki

Brief history of Seti Gandaki Waterway

The Seti Gandaki Waterway isn’t just a provider of life, yet it has numerous strict foundations as well. A large portion of them are connected to Hinduism. Pioneers the world over love this stream as a type of Master Vishnu. Different records express that this waterway lies in nearness to a portion of the essential issues of Hindu folklore, for example, the Mahabharata. This book was formed by the incredible sage Vyasa, who is said to have taken birth close to the intersection of Gandaki and the Madi Waterway close Damauli, Tanahun. The stream was scaled without precedent for June 1971 by the group of Daniel C. Taylor and Jennifer Ide. From that point forward, the Seti Gandaki Stream has accumulated the consideration of vacationers and is as of now a traveler center.

Similarly as with The unstoppable force of life, there is a decent side, and there is an awful side too. In 2012, a calamitous flood hit the Seti Gandaki Waterway, and it murdered in excess of 60 individuals dwelling in the northern pieces of Pokhara. The flood was ground-breaking to such an extent that it changed its course. The Seti Gandaki Stream has seen a considerable amount of flood since the beginning. One of them happened around 800 years prior, and it cut down a mass of flotsam and jetsam around 100 meters high.


The street prompting the Seti chasm can be investigated from multiple points of view, yet it is best encouraged to investigate on a bike and by private vehicle. You can lease a bike at Lakeside for Rs. 800 per day. Make certain to request a head protector and a bike lock. The climate in Pokhara can change before long. Brief it is bright while the following moment, there is a storm. To forestall this, you can convey a parka.

You have to begin from Mahendra Pull, which is in the lower portions of Pokhara. From here, it takes around 30 minutes to arrive at the K.I. Singh Scaffold. Here, the Seti Stream makes its first passage into a dull tight fissure. You will paddle through Bhimsen Tole, and stop for a snappy visit at the Bindhyabasini sanctuary. The inhabitants here are Newars and Chhetris.

In the event that you don’t extravagant riding a bike, at that point you can decide to go by transport. Jump on a transport at Prithvi Chowk and head to Pokhara. The excursion will cost you somewhere close to 50 rupees. You will reach there inside 30 minutes. You have the alternative of going by private vehicle too. The excursion will be private and prudent and you can orchestrate the visit with visit organization.

You can decide to go by bike. Wandering the roads of Pokhara in a cruiser is an exciting encounter. They cost not exactly a taxi and take care of business at an a lot speedier pace.


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