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Sapan Tirtha Mela

Anisha Rauniyar June 10, 2020

On the main day of the Nepali schedule (Baisakh 1), numerous individuals line up to take a dunk in a heavenly lake in Tokha in Kathmandu and local people, for the following four days, observe ‘Sapan Tirtha Mela’ when the whole town participate on the festival with a ‘rath yatra’ (chariot ride), supplications, and fests. The water in the lake is accepted to have mending properties and individuals wash there to free themselves of their illnesses and appeal to Goddess Sapana Tirtha.

Sapan Tirtha Mela is a significant custom for local people of Tokha. This regular conviction that the lake and the Goddess can make our desires work out as expected is the thing that ties . For a long time now, Dangol has been caring for the courses of action of the celebration. He became boss minister after his dad died and says that his child will be taking over after him.

Spana Tirtha Mela

Legend has it that, hundreds of years back, on the northern side of Kathmandu carried on a lord who had seven girls. The lord was popular for his insight, moral qualities, and splendid political strategies. At some point, he called his little girls and requested that they disclose to him the qualities of men they needed to wed. Four of them communicated their craving to wed somebody who was rich, attractive and genuinely solid. The other two said they were not prepared for marriage yet. Be that as it may, the most youthful princess said she would wed anybody her dad decided for her. The lord, flippantly, advised her to spend an incredible remainder with a genuinely crippled hobo who lived almost a lake.

Amazingly, the most youthful princess chose to wed that man as a characteristic of regard for her dad’s words. Subsequent to getting hitched, they began living respectively close to the lake itself. The lake was a juncture of two distinct waterways, Bahu Mukhi Ganga and Dudh Mukhi Ganga. At some point, the princess was out looking for food and, while sitting tight for his better half, the crippled man saw a grasshopper without any appendages hopping into the lake and coming out, all things considered, recuperated. Needing to test the supernatural forces of the water, he requested that the townspeople drive him into the lake and he too came out mended. Since the time at that point, individuals have accepted that washing in that lake will mend all sicknesses and make your desires materialize. Being appreciative for such marvels, the individuals there assembled a sanctuary for Goddess Sapana Tirtha, a name given to a Goddess who made dreams materialize.

This year as well, Tokha occupants are as of now getting ready for the celebration. While the young people are rehearsing for the shows to be held during the celebration, the older individuals of the town are dealing with the ceremonies. There is even a ‘guthi’ set up with in excess of 100 individuals who are dealing with the coordinations of the celebration. They will likewise be liable for dealing with the group on the fundamental day of the celebration with assistance from cops, scouts, and nearby club individuals.

The arrangements start three days preceding the fundamental day on Baisakh 1. The sanctuary region including the lake is cleaned and the sculpture of Goddess Sapana Tirtha is set there, following which nobody is permitted to go close to the sanctuary, not even bugs and winged creatures. Previously, local people used to hinder the intersection of the two streams in order to keep up the water level in the lake all through the celebration. Notwithstanding, in the previous barely any years they have had work never really water in the lake.

Prior, individuals used to wash in the lake simply after dawn. In any case, in the ongoing years, because of expanding number of enthusiasts turning up at the celebration, individuals assemble at the site from 12 PM and hang tight for their turn. This obviously proceeds for 24 hours till the accompanying 12 PM. While some visit Tokha to love the Goddess and have their desires in all actuality, others utilize this chance to investigate the social excellence. Putting stock in the legend, numerous individuals likewise assemble trusting they can bring forth a child or mend themselves subsequent to taking a plunge in the lake.

Suntali Dangol, who lives in Tokha, has been observing Sapan Tirtha Mela as far as she can recollect. She was instructed to quick on this day when she was only a young lady and still follows the custom. In any case, she says it may be her very own direct result experience instead of what she was told when she was a youngster that she esteems the celebration and holds it in high respect.

While there are cynics in Tokha as well, there is no denying that the lake holds tremendous social hugeness for every one of them. As indicated by cleric Dangol, this specific celebration and ceremonial has additionally contributed in advancing household the travel industry in the zone. What’s more, more endeavors are being made to push this further.


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