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Abhishek Subedi June 2, 2020

Sandhikharka is the beautiful municipality with many historical stories which is in between two hills Argha and Khanchi. It is the headquarters of Arghakhanchi district. The town was converted into the Municipality on 18th May by merging the existing Sandhikharka, Wangla, Narapani, Khanchikot, Kimadad, Argha and Dibharna VDC. It is located in a valley surrounded by hills in the western part of the Kathmandu valley. The municipality has made significant progress in road building and the training of people through various national and international non- governmental organizations.  Development of new houses, privately owned luxury vehicles and the modern atmosphere itself have shown that the town has marvellously progressed in terms of economy and other sectors. It has a population of about forty thousand  four hundred and twenty two people. The town is surrounded by the beautiful hills and mountains which has made it like the canvas of the picture.


Location of Sandhikharka

Sandhikharka is located in Arghakhanchi District of the Province no 5 of Nepal. It is located about 960 metres above sea level.  There are three small rivers that merge at Chaturvedi within Sandhikharka.  The rivers are Bangi, Ghoche and Bhadri. The town is linked to the pitched road that connects to the national Highway at Gorusinghe. However, Arghakhanchi was the first district in Nepal where all the VDCs were officially linked with the motorable roads. 

History of The Sandhikharka 

It is believed that many years ago the town was completely covered by the wild grasses called ”Kharka”. Farmers used to bring their cattle to graze on this land. At the medieval time this town was the border between two small kingdoms Argha and Khachi. The kings of the two kingdoms would always fight over this land. Later, in the interest of the public welfare, the kings decided to make a treaty between the two little kingdoms.  The treaty known as the Sandhi in Nepali concluded the  written agreements between the two kingdoms. The two kingdoms created the treaty for the land ”Kharka” which eventually led to the name of Sandhikharka, the headquarter of Arghakhanchi district.

The town was attacked by the Maoists during the year 2002. The massive battle between the Maoist and government forces on September 8, 2002 occurred in which they torched all government buildings except the hospital. About 50 policemen and 70 rebels were killed in the night long battle with almost 36 police injured. A second attack was launched on 10th of September where at least 65 security personnel , including 12 soldiers were killed. Maoists launched a third attack on March 4, 2005 where Nepali military killed 30 Maoists and is known as one of the bloodiest clashes since the Royal Coup.

Economy of The Sandhikharka 

Although Sandhikharka is a small town, agriculture used to be its major source of income during the old days but now many of the youngsters have migrated to the foreign country. The family runs their houses from the money sent by them every year. The town also has many other businesses and small industries . In many years Sandhikharka has rapidly run toward the path of development. It has marvellously progressed in terms of economy and other sectors.

Infrastructure of the Sandhikharka 

The town is well connected to the roads that connect to the national highway of the Country. Many  governmental and nongovernmental organizations are there which have been providing vocational training to the people of town. The town has other services like banking, transportation, health care services. It is also known to be the town with the oldest and best institutions who have successfully produced thousands of skilful graduates providing first class education with a focus on practical skills and professional relevance. The town has the highest literacy rate among the  Arghakhanchi district which has drawn people from outside the Arghakhanchi to read here. They are said to have good facilities in terms of roads, electric power, health care and education.

Major Attractions of The Town

The town has many domestic as well as International tourists throughout the year. It has many historical as well as natural heritages in this town which have carried the significance value in the town.

1. Supa Deurali Temple

Supa Deurali Temple is a hindu temple dedicated to Devi which is situated on the western part of the town.  It is one of the famous pilgrimage sites of Western Nepal surrounded by magnificent hills. This place is worth visiting for pilgrimage purposes as well as sightseeing a panoramic view. Supa Deurali is connected with a myth story of a lahure ‘ The soldier in Indian Army’.  According to the old folk tales, it is believed that when he was going to the battlefield he worshipped in the temple and vowed to the deity that if he returned safely from there he would offer gold chain to the temple. He returned home safe but he ignored the temple and passed away quietly from there.


The same night miraculous power of Supa Deurali brought him back to the temple and set him affixed at the middle of rock to be a statue. The statue of lahure can still be seen in the rock near the temple. The importance of the significance of the devotees that can be seen here is increasing every day. Even though the road is black topped, there are portions of it which are quite dangerous, so devotees make sure to stop and do worship at the temple to prevent them. The deity has fulfilled the wish of the many devotees. It is mostly crowded with the devotees on the day of Vijaya Dashami.   

2. Sattle Gufa

It is one of the major attractions of the area. The Saddle Gupha is the natural cave on the southern part of the town. The visitors can explore many things inside the cave. The cave has many rocks and even the small pond inside it. It also consists of the scripture of the lingam of Lord Shiva. That’s why this place attracts many devotees during the festival such as Maha Shivaratri, Teej and Bala Chaturdashi.

3. Argha Mandir

It is the Hindu temple dedicated to the Goddess Kali ( the destroyer of the evil force).  The temple is situated about 2000m altitude above sea level. It offers panoramic views of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Machapuchhre, Mt. Annapurna and hills. The temple is crowded with more than thousands devotees during the Dashain Purnima known as the Arghako Purnima in the locality. Many devotees come here to offer sacrifice and offerings during this day. Lakhe Dance is the unique feature of celebrations in this temple. This temple has significant religious value in the whole Arghakhanchi district.

Climate of town

Sandhikharka is located around 960 metres above sea level. The climate changes from season to season. During summer, the maximum temperature reaches about 37 degree Celsius which is relatively hot to some visitors and during winter season the temperature is usually between 1-10 degree Celsius. In the rainy season the rainfall is high in hills and even covered with snow during the winter season.

How to get there

Visitors can take a flight from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa and drive about 3 hour from there to reach the Sandhikharka or take a direct bus ride from the Kathmandu valley. The bus ride is about 10-11 hours with the views of the beautiful forests and landscapes throughout the whole ride.


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