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Salincha Newari Cuisine

Anisha Rauniyar July 28, 2020

An exceptional spot situate in the Jhamsikhel region, Salincha is a gem waiting to be discover. Sufficiently bright with pixie lights at night, it radiates a warm vibe. Customary photographs of Nepal and astute maxims embellish the dividers prompting a substantially more important feasting experience. Joined with the agreeable staff and the delicate break in relieving instrumentals, this spot certainly merits a second-visit.


An eatery which serves Newari Cuisine with an advanced curve, Salincha carries credibility to the table. A great deal of preliminary and mistakes were make in the experimentation stage to have the option to give cafes a close flawless dish. Not just that, to give clients assortment to their sense of taste, mainland nourishments can likewise be seen on the menu. In this way, fundamentally you have all that you may need on the table.

What number of time have you heard ‘have breakfast like a ruler’ ? For me, it’s consistently. I don’t generally have a hunger in the first part of the day however this dish makes them reevaluate that. A morning meal menu, the Egg Benedict served here accompanies an Italian impact. An open-colored sandwich comprising of potato croquettes and finished off with ham and a poached egg, the Egg Benedict is a mouth-watering treat. With hollandaise sauce sprinkled on top liberally, it will make them gear for additional in a matter of moments.


Colt Aaloo

Flavor up your day by brave and requesting this dish. Singed in ghee and jimbu this dish is somewhat hot, yet the acchar which goes with it is ‘the’ bomb. Made utilizing just chilies, the sauce will brush your rockers off. Sort of like the improve variant of french-fries yet with the additional hotness, it makes certain to be a dish to be recall.


A conventional Newari dish made utilizing rice flour, egg and blended flavors like cumin powder and ginger-garlic glue; Chatamari resembles a crepe with fixings of your decision. It was my first time having this and to be completely forthright, it surpass my desires as well as went wide above it. Decorated with minced wild ox meat, diced onions and scallions, this appetizing dish is equivalent amounts of delicate and crunchy giving you a choice taste of Newari cooking.

Samay Baji

Eating a smidgen of everything makes certain to keep somebody sound. In Newari culture, this idea is fuse in a solitary dish know as Samay Baji. Comprising of a lentil hotcake (woh), barbecue meat (choila), soybeans, peanuts, ginger cuts, beaten rice, spice potato and a bubbled egg. Which has been singed, the Samay Baji serve was a tasty treat. It likewise accompanied a side dish of potato curry. Which had a tempting taste and is additionally present with ayla (rice wine) in a customary mud pot (Salincha). Loaded with flavors, this dish genuinely gathers thankfulness for Newari food.

Flame broiled Chicken Salad

An astounding choice for sound food lovers, the chicken is flame broil and throw along with Spanish olives, slash onions, cherry tomatoes, blend lettuce and cuts of beetroot in with a fiery pomegranate sauce as the dressing. Delicate and flavorful, the Grilled Chicken Salad is a go-to dish on the off chance that you are on a careful nutritional plan or on the off chance that you are wanting something light yet satisfying.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Served in a conventional metal pot, the Hyderabadi Biryani invites flavors from India. With flavors, for example, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon, the dish had a tart scent. The chicken sauce had the perfect dash of flavors and was very mouth-watering. Join with the cool dulcet raita that went with the dish, it was equitably adjust and satisfying to the taste buds. Liberally divided this dish truly brought enhances right from Hyderabad.

Flame broiled Rosemary Chicken

Marinated with Oyster sauce, paprika and lemon juice among other such necessities like salt, pepper and bean stew chips, the barbecue rosemary chicken was present with a side of broccoli and crush potato. Delicious and delicate, this dish was a reward for the sense of taste. The somewhat roasted chicken additionally supplemented the crushed potato and purchased a flavorsome taste to it.

Simply allow Salincha to give you its validness and you won’t be let down. Brimming with a differed choice of food menu which are all both satisfying to the eyes just as the sense of taste; experience them and have a sample of the interesting food which it is so well know for.

  • Address: Lalitpur 44600
  • Rating:


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