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Sakela – Kirati Festival

Anisha Rauniyar June 1, 2020

Sakela Ubhauli is one of the greatest celebration celebrated by Kirat religion in Nepal, another being Sakela Udhauli. Kirat Mundhum, the blessed book of Kirat makes reference to that the time of 365 days is separated into two stages Ubhauli (going up) and Udhauli (going down). Individuals in days of yore used to move tough and downhill during these seasons.

Ubhauli is praised each year on Baishak Sulka Purnima, on a similar day as Buddha Purnima/Buddha Jayanti on the Nepali month of Baishak (April-May). Generally, throughout the late spring, the Kirat individuals used to move tough to keep away from the warmth and intestinal sickness. They performed Ubhauli ceremonies before they moved and during that they revered their precursors and nature for better wellbeing and harvests.

Chandi Dance in Sakela

The Kirats live in the eastern piece of Nepal, fundamentally in the Eastern and Western pieces of Arun River. Rai, Limbu, Sunuwar and Yakkha are by and large called Kirati. The Kirat accepts that the predecessors would blow up on the off chance that they are not loved appropriately. These ceremonies, consequently, are as yet rehearsed similarly as in the past, in any case, the pattern of moving tough and down during the two seasons has halted.

The significant fascination of the celebration is the Sakela Ubhauli move in which countless individuals in conventional clothing play out the move together around. The male head known as Silimangpa and female pioneer Silimangma guides the others during the move. The Silli move style reflects various parts of human life and human connection with nature. This move begins with the Chula (Chulo) puja, where Chula is considered as the wellspring of food and life.

The principle chief Nakchhong penances a hen in the holy spot known as Sakela Than, normally under a sacrosanct tree. After the puja finishes, the move begins when the pioneer offers sign to start. They move along with the beats of the dhol and Jhyamta.

As indicated by the Kirat legends, Paruhang, who lived in paradise, began to look all starry eyed at a wonderful young lady Sumnima of the earth. He made a wonderful brush and introduced it to her. The two of them got hitched and Sumnima brought forth four youngsters. Notwithstanding, after the introduction of the youngsters, Paruhang left his family in the bank of Dudh Koshi River and didn’t return for quite a while. At some point, she found a creeper which tasted brimming with force and bliss. She utilized it to make a Buti that had high powers and at whatever point anyone put it on, s/he used to talk reality. Paruhang returned back out of nowhere and attempted to reassure her. She didn’t trust him and requested him to put on the Buti. She discovered that he had been taking a gander at the paradise and earth from the highest point of Chomolongma (Mt. Everest), ruminating and venturing to every part of the universe and when he guaranteed never to leave her again, she started to hit the dance floor with delight.

This move of Sumnima turned into the consecrated and extraordinary Sakela move and so as to ensure this custom, individuals despite everything play out this move during the Ubhauli celebration. It is additionally accepted that individuals likewise locate the genuine romance of their life during this move.


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