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Saipal Himal

Anisha Rauniyar May 30, 2020

Saipal Himal Trek is for those eager trekkers who need to visit the remote and pristine region of Nepal. This trekking course of the Api Saipal Himal Trek lies in the far western piece of Nepal. Programming interface Saipal Himal Trek is a perfect trek to investigate the wild idea of Nepal. Programming interface Mountain is the most elevated pile of the far western piece of Nepal that lies at a rise of 7,132 meters above ocean level. In the interim, the height of Saipal Himal is 7,031 meters above ocean level. In the interim, Kali Dhunga ice sheet lake that lies at a height of 4,100 meters above ocean level is one of the significant fascination of the trek.

All the trekking and experience sweethearts who love investigating the remote and immaculate zone of Nepal then Api Saipal trek is simply ideal for them. Experience off in an unexpected direction through a conspicuous difference of numerous territories and credible wild a long way from present day progress. One of the troublesome degrees of trek Api Saipal course takes you to a portion of the secluded towns and zones of the far western piece of Nepal. Both the Api and Saipal Himal are situated in the Humla District of Nepal and it is one of the most courageous outdoors treks of the far western locale of Nepal.

saipal himal
Saipal Himal Range

Programming interface Saipal Himal Trek through Simikot requires an exceptional license before investigating this region. Other than these this trek likewise offers the tremendous perspectives on mountains like Api Himal, Saipal, Mt. Thado Dhunga Tuppa, Mt. Nandadevi, Rajamba and different pinnacles, social decent variety, greenery timberlands, and fast progression of streams, mysterious culture and off beaten path. This course is still off touristy and not many sightseers have visited this territory.

Features of Api Saipal Himal Trek

  • Terribly convincing for winged animal observation.
  • Investigate Kali Dhunga Lake.
  • Daring outdoors trek towards an untainted district of Nepal.
  • Investigate the nearby culture of an alternate network.
  • Trek in the Api Saipal massif, a remote district that has changed next to no contrasted with the Annapurnas and Khumbu.
  • Pansy backwoods, high passes and desolate towns to the suggestion.
  • Amazing perspectives on mountains including Api, Saipal, Rajamba, Nandadevi and so on.

Walk, April and May are probably the greatest month for the Ap Saipal Himal Trek. During these months of the year, the trekking trail is loaded up with the sprouting rhododendrons in the lower portions of the trekking trails. Superb perspectives on the snow-topped mountain reaches can likewise be seen during these months of the year.

September, October, November and December are the greatest months to trek in the Api Saipal zone. As during those months, the sky is clear and you can have a heavenly perspective on the Api and Saipal alongside other regular situations during our trek.

Synopsis of Api Saipal Himal Trek

Programming interface Saipal Himal Trek begins from Simikot town of the far western area of Nepal. You will take a trip to Nepalgunj. Arranged at a height of 150 meters above ocean level Nepalgunj is one of the significant urban areas of far western just as Nepal. Another beautiful flight will take you to Simikot. After coming to Simikot, the entryway to the excursions in Far-western Nepal. At that point, you authoritatively begin to trek by making a beeline for Dharapuri. during the day you will follow the path along the banks of Humla Karnali River. You can see cascades and steep precipices along this path.

You run over Lakiyo Gompa and Lhundrup Choeling Gompa, well known Buddhist religious communities of this area to reach Kermi town. Namkh Kyung Dzong religious community is situated in the Yalbang town arranged at a height of 3,020 meters above ocean level. In the interim, during the trek to Chala, you can have brilliant perspectives on the Saipal and Sumjung Himal. You can likewise observe the Karang Taal and the Saipal goes as you proceed ahead. The last piece of the path follows a lavishly forested zone to settle Karang Khola.

When you arrive at the base camp, you can appreciate the tremendous perspectives on Saipal (7031m), Api (7132m), Nandadevi (7817m) and the neighboring pinnacles. The close by Phirankoph Chuli (6730m) additionally offers hypnotizing Himalayan presentation. Saipal Glacier, Nunekhara Glacier, and Humla Danda compensate for the remainder of the landscape from the Saipal Base Camp. You will trek back a similar course to reach Simikot from where you will return a trip to Nepalgunj. In the wake of coming to Nepalgunj you will take another trip to Kathmandu.

Nature of Trek

This is a difficult trek which can take up the entire day in remote scenes and includes steep path to defeat the passes. Given the remoteness and low recurrence of visitors here, outdoors is required on the grounds that housing can’t be ensured. The name Api originated from the Tibetan word, which implies grandma. A decent degree of wellness and experience is suggested for this trek. The individuals in this area are a blend of both Hindu and Buddhist societies and show a lifestyle immaculate by innovation.

Ordinarily, they have their own diverse language and culture. They can’t communicate in familiar Nepali language also.

Saipal Himal likewise lies in the far western piece of Nepal. The rise of Saipal is 7,031 meters above ocean level. It was first climbed in 1960 and is one of the significant heaps of the far western district of Nepal. Situated in the Humla locale of Nepal it is one of the bold outdoors treks. It offers an all encompassing Himalaya perspective on Saipal Himal (7031 m), Thado Dhunga Tuppa (5,368m.), Api Himal, Rajamba (6,537m.), Kapchuli, Mt. Nandadevi 7,817, which are arranged in Uttar Pradesh of India. The rich widely varied vegetation add to the magnificence of the mountain.

  • Highest Elevation: 6954m


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