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Abhishek Subedi May 30, 2020

Rukumkot is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of the Eastern Rukum district. The town has the total population of about 5498 people residing in this beautiful land of hills and ponds.  It is the interim headquarter of the Eastern Rukum.  This town has the potential tourist attraction that remains largely unexplored. It is also the major site for the collection of yarsagumba the medicinal herb believed to cure the cancer. The town lies in the Northeast part of the Rapti zone . It is believed that there are 52 ponds and 53 hills in Rukumkot. The Rumgad  river that lies around the boundary of the town increases its natural beauty. There is the black pitched road to the town which was constructed with the help of the Indian Government.  Another accessible road is also being built in the middle part of the Rukumkot.

Rukumkot is believed to be the affected part during the Nepali civil war. It was the flash point of the Maoist insurgency along with the Rolpa district due to which the development of these places were highly affected. It became a stronghold and was controlled by the insurgents throughout the conflict.  But now it has become the major tourist destination of Rukum district due to its beautiful hills and ponds. 


There is also a historical site here known as the Shibalaya, a temple of Lord Shiva. This temple was built by Purna Kumari, the wife of the Rana Prime Minister of the Rana Dynasty. It is said that this temple is the only monument constructed during the Rana reign in the Mid-western part of Nepal.  Other historic sites of the town are Barah, Baraji and Bhagwati temples. The waterfalls and scenic views of Rhododendron blooming in the lake and hills make the town even more beautiful.

It is a charming town with a number of tourist destinations bounded by mountains, lakes, charming valleys, hunting reserves, caves and flora and fauna. The view of the Sisne himal to the northern part of the town covered with the white snow veil for 12 months looks very captivating. The visitors can enjoy the melodious music of the Danphe Munal (Lophophorus)  and Kalij that will soothe your heart and mind.  Those who have set their foot for the first time in this heavenly beautiful place will be overjoyed due to its stunning and majestic natural beauty.

This town is considered to be very rich in historical, archaeological, natural and cultural heritage. Diverse caste, language and culture are the major characteristics of this town. Mythological folk culture, traditions, customs and rituals also exist here which is enough to captivate the heart of the visitors. There is a temple of goddess Rukmini in Rukumkot. It is said that Rukumkot was named after her and the name Rukum was changed to Rukmini Devi. The Rukumkot is the main business  centre of the district.

The elevation of the town ranges from 800 metres along the Bheri to the 6000 metres in the Dhaulagiri. The town climate remains pleasant throughout the year. The people uses irrigation for their major crop cultivation such as rice, maize, barley, wheat and potatoes. The town also export items like vegetable seeds, ghee, honey,  pulses, Nepali paper, sutho, shilajit, Alla’s processed yarn and medicinal herbs to the other districts. The economy of the town mainly depends upon the agriculture. There are also major sites of attraction in this town.  

Major sites of attraction of Rukumkot

  1. Rukmini Taal

Rukmini taal is the popular lake in the whole Rukum district. The lake is surrounded by the beautiful hills and green lands. It is also known as the Kamal Daha because the lake is completely covered by the lotus during the spring season. The visitors are attracted by the beauty of the lake.

  1. Shibalaya

Shibalaya is one of the oldest temples of the place. It was constructed during the Rana Regime and is only the monument in the mid western region constructed by Ranas. The temple is one of the famed Hindu temples located in the town.  It is on the northern shore of the Rukmini Taal. The main shrine of the temple contains the lingam of the Lord Shiva. Tourists from various parts of the district visit this temple throughout the year. The temple is mostly packed with the devotees during Shivaratri and Bala Chaturdashi.

  1. Deurali Gufa

The Deurali Gufa is the famous cave of this area which lies in the eastern part of Rukumkot, on the bank of the Rumgad River. The cave is not connected by any road so it can be only visited by the walking from the town. Visitors have to walk about one hour through the narrow roads, small ponds and green lands to visit this cave.

Accommodations in Rukumkot

Rukumkot is located between the mountains and beautiful valleys. Tourists can visit this region throughout the year and accommodation facilities are available near the market area. The major hotels are situated at the distance of 20- 50 kms from the region. Hotels here cost from 7 US dollars to 50 US dollars per night and provide all the necessary services and facilities to the customer.

How to reach Rukumkot

This beautiful valley can both reached by the airways and roadways

  • By air

Chaurajahari Airport is the main airway of this region. It is located at a distance of 60km from the valley.  The airport connects to the Tribhuwan and Nepalgunj airport of Nepal.

  • By road

Rukumkot is well connected through road and there are numbers of buses, mini buses and jeeps plying to Rukumkot from the various parts of the Nepal city. But it is difficult to travel during the night time in the valley as most of the roads are damaged and have large puddles which makes it difficult to drive in the dark. The visitors can roam around the town by hiring the cycle rickshaws.

Best time to visit

Rukumkot is a valley full of natural beauty and the climate here remains pleasant through the year. But the best time to visit this valley is Between the months of March to October.

This valley is rich in common assets particularly in medicinal herbs, minerals and flora species.  The town is in the phase of development. Many infrastructures such as primary schools, schools, health care centers, banks and vocational training centers are here from the few decades. It is the beautiful valley between the laps of mountains and hills which is the total paradise of beauty.

  • Population: 5498


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